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How To Conect With the Advertising


The main purpose of advertising is to make the customers purchase the product and service your company is offering to them. The advertising effort is not only for creating creative adverts and promotions for your products and services, the essence lies in trying to get your company or brand stand apart from the clutter of information a customer has to go through. It is therefore a must for many companies that the advertising they create must be refreshing and creative so that it stands out from the crowd.

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The advertising campaigns and posters are not a new concept but in fact have been practiced by many civilizations in one way or another. The Romans used to promote the Gladiators with their portraits or banners displayed during festivals. Signs and proof of advertising has been found by archeologists by excavating signs and painting depicting a wrestler or an event. This is one of the sources which have inspired marketers to use celebrity endorsement just like the wrestlers and gladiators were used to attract large crowds to the arenas.

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As most of the people were illiterate and there were also no formal languages in the society, many cobblers, black smiths, clock makers used to make signs and posters depicting a symbol of their expertise. Therefore taking a leaf from the ancient civilizations, connecting with the audience through the advertising effort can be carried out by associating symbols to better make your brand recognizable.

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The essence of the advertising campaign or effort is to sell the products and services the company is offering to its customers. To do so many companies tend to create advertising that relates to the customers’ needs and requirements. These types of advertisements show the products and services being used by the customers in normal settings.

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Another way by which marketers tend to use the advertising for connecting with customers is use fantasy approach. The first example that comes to the mind is that of Axe deodorants. Their ads depict that usage of the deodorant will make the man more attractive and will help him to get attention of women. Like in the ad where a man is shown as a chocolate after using axe and women are jumping at him.

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Marketers are aware of the different aspects of consumer behavior. Some people are not influenced by the glitter and glamour of ads and need to have information on the services and the products. These customers are catered to by creating a more technical ad that is less metaphorical in nature. Consumers like these should be approached by creating the advertising that is more on the technical side and show scientific or empirical evidence. These types of ads can focus on the product’s performance, reliability and durability.


The advertising effort or practices have been facing criticism for creating materialism among consumers. This to a certain fact is true; the reason for this is that advertisements have to face stiff competition not only from competing companies but also to get the consumer’s attention. So to better appeal to the customer’s needs and wants they show more fantasies and high culture in their ads. But ethical point of view is now kept in minds by many companies and advertising agencies due to strictness of rules and regulations implemented by the governments and watchdogs.

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