Starting a cards business
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Starting a cards business

Published at 01/04/2012 14:57:50


Starting a cards business

We all are familiar with what a greeting card is, we have either been giving or receiving them for over years. A card depicts our feelings or wishes for others. These cards are usually given on some occasions for instance birthdays, anniversaries or on success. Greeting cards come in all shapes and sizes. One can say it is an artistic way to express concern to others. There are two kinds of greeting cards. One is handmade cards and the other is mass produced cards. Both of these are equally beautiful. If you are an artistic person and love playing with designs, you can start your own card business. 

Step 1

The history of sending greeting cards goes back to the time when ancient Chinese and Egyptians used to convey messages on papyrus scrolls. The trend of sending handmade cards started in 15th century in Europe. In 1850, the price of greeting cards increased as they were handmade as well as hand-delivered. Slowly and steadily, there was advancement, improvement as well as technical development in this industry. This industry became so strong that last year 7.4 billion cards were sold to Americans last year that can said to be 235 cards being sold per second.


Step 2

 In order to start a greeting card business, the individual should be able to create creative, elegant and well-decorated cards than others in this industry. To create own line of cards and to freelance cards to already existing card companies are the two ways to get indulged into this field. To freelance cards is comparatively an easier way to sell cards because then the individual does not have to worry about marketing and financing the cards. Despite the fact the idea of creating own line of greeting cards is more luring but then there are a lot of things to be kept in mind like marketing, supply, selling and financing of cards. Before beginning this business, it is important that an individual does thorough research on card companies, their work and what the masses are looking for in greeting cards. Printing the cards with quality, making sure that the color is appropriate, finding a reliable distributer, and good material are some of the technical aspects that should be kept in mind whilst starting this work. In this industry, an individual should be able to create the type of cards that a client wishes for. This is going to play an important role in marketing too. To have a variety of cards is surely going to enhance the chances of success. There is huge competition out there. Card companies like Hallmark and American Greetings are ruling this industry. It is important to create hype in the market as well as online about your work. There is one rule that should not to forgotten, that is never to compromise on the quality of cards or else, it will be a huge drawback for your business.


Starting a cards business

As this article depicts that starting a card business is not something to be taken lightly. It is not just about being creative but has several other departments that ought to be taken well care of. For example, printing and marketing of the cards but as long as there is passion in an individual regarding this business then there is no stopping to creativity, motivation and success. 

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