How To Get Free Business Cards
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How To Get Free Business Cards

Published at 01/31/2012 19:47:57


How To Get Free Business Cards

Free Business cards can be classified as bearing information about a company or individual. Free Business cards usually consist of the given person’s name, company logo, telephone number and fax number, along with the address and the email content to which the person can be contacted. Free Business cards can be usually mass produced at a print shop or printed at home by using free business cards software. They usually consist of layouts and designing tools, along with text editing tools for designing purposes. Since technology has grown so far to a vast extent and many developers are undergoing different processes so as to retain compatibility in bringing new things to the market day by day, you can easily make a free business card easily at home if you download certain software’s for designing and if you have a printer of immersive good quality.

Step 1


How To Get Free Business Cards

HP is providing free tools in making your own free business cards for free which are defined and explained in steps as below:
1. At the HP creative studio, you can find different templates in variety of styles that allow you to simply input your information and print. Dark and neutral hues can lend a professional, authoritative tone while bold blocks of color convey a more playful, artistic feel. The design should reflect your company’s style.
2. Adding a photo will distinguish you and your company, by adding up the company’s logo with the relevant information.
3. Go to the software’s creative studio after that select the type of project from the top screen, further on select home, business and organization from the drop-down menu.
4. Select free business cards and then click on the left and right arrows to browse available templates, click on the template which you are looking for.
5. Enter you and your company’s contact information if you want to add a logo or an image to make it more beautiful and attractive, select import logo option. After doing this, select upload logos in the pop up box move on to select browse pictures that will take you to the desktop from where you can import pictures in acceptable formats such as .gif, .jpg and .png files.
6. Once you have done this, after uploading and adding up a picture or a logo you will see a thumbnail to your left click on to drag and drop the thumbnail to your free business cards. You can edit, rotate, scale or remove the image. Later on click on the preview section and then preview and print your design.
7. Load your printer with an 8.5 by 11 test page and select print it. Be sure to check that the printer you have selected is ready for use or not. Furthermore, move on to printer properties option where you can see options, printer setup, printer or preferences. Later on, click the advanced tab or button.
8. Select print borderless from the borderless option, click the paper quality tab , select 8.5 by 11 for your paper size from the media drop down list, also change the media type (brochure and quality settings as best click ok and then click printing. The printed page will print and feature two rows, with five cards in each as a general fact ten cards in total.