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Published at 02/22/2012 05:32:05


The rise of the Internet and the ushering in of the digital age has made many traditional paper-based documents obsolete, including the need professionals have for business cards. At one point in time, people felt obligated to carry around business cards, on and off the job, because no one could predict when a business opportunity would arise. Even non-professionals, such as college students or average people in the community felt the need to create paper-based business cards because these stationery tools were effective means of communicating to other people who to get in contact and/or keep in touch.

Business card usage is increasingly in popularity, but people need a few tips and ideas to effectively use these tools in the 21st century.

Step 1

Use your inkjet or laser printer for business cards. Many professionals have traditionally relied on commercial print shops to produce quality business cards, including clear and crisp texts and brilliant graphics and images. However, the modern personal computer and business computer is just as powerful as the commercial, industrial-grade printing technology.

Consult your printer's instruction manual to learn if it is capable of supporting card stock for business cards. Then visit your local office supply store to obtain the materials for business cards.

Step 2

Learn about applications, or apps, to you can download to your smartphone for business cards. Many people use smartphones, which are basically a modern combination of cell phones and computers. Smartphones can easily communicate between each other, such as via email or instant messenger. Some phones even have transmitters and receivers that support the exchange of data, such as from the contacts list in one phone to another phone, in this case serving as a business card.


Step 3

Use removable storage media for business cards. These types of devices include USB flash drives, SD memory cards and even compact discs. In addition, to including your basic contact information these sizable storage devices, you can include a resume, video footage and any other documents that you want to offer up to clients during an initial meeting.


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