Top Tips To Make Small Business Cards
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Top Tips To Make Small Business Cards

Published at 01/27/2012 00:03:13


Top Tips To Make Small Business Cards

One of the ways to market a business is small business cards. If designed properly, small business cards can be used as an effective tool to make people know about the business. It is like indirect marketing of the business. Besides that, a good business card creates a good impression about its holder and you can proudly present it to someone as a remembrance. A small business card can be designed in many ways; some of the effective tips are mentioned here.


Step 1

Short but complete small business cards
For small business cards, it is good to have short text. There should not be much writing or details of the business mentioned in the card. Just the name and brief introduction is enough for a card. Mention the name and little contact details, no need to mention all the email ids and contact numbers. Just mention only one functional email address and contact number.


Step 2

Suitable font and size of small business cards
Use suitable fonts for every text. Use simple and only one font, use different font sizes for every text. This way the card will give decent look.


Step 3

Maintain decency
Small business cards should not be developed in bright colors. Use the color theme in accordance with business logo and business colors. Always remember there is a difference between small business cards and wishing cards. Business cards should be sober, decent and attractive. Selection of color and theme of business card represents the personality of the person and business too. Bright colored, full of rich text and too much writing, presents the business and the card bearer as immature and unreliable personality.


Step 4

Quality not quantity
Quality should be kept in mind while making small business cards. The quality of printing and the paper use for printing should be very fine. Rough quality and rough printing will not make a good business card. Having a fine quality card may be expensive but it should be taken as an investment. It will be beneficial for business in the long run.


Step 5

Proper sizing of the small business cards
The size of the small business cards should not be very small. It should be of proper size with readable text and readable size. The card should not be large in size too because a large card cannot be accommodated in a wallet. Choose a size and style of the card that can easily be kept in a wallet.


Top Tips To Make Small Business Cards

Innovative and different
Maintain the individuality while making a card. Be different and innovative but don’t be a weirdo. Different is acceptable but weirdo is considered as abnormal. So make a card with innovation and maintain the individuality of the bearer and business.

Mentioning vision statement
A small and interesting one liner or a small vision statement about the business is a great idea. It will make a card more professional sort and people will get to know more about the business. Not a long but small and capturing one liner will do the job.


Small business cards do not only represent the information about the bearer or the card presenter. It communicates and speaks about the business, the services that are being offered and how reliable these services and products are. Business cards are one of the ways for business marketing.