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Benefits Of Using Recycled Business Cards

Published at 03/14/2012 18:53:27


What is Recycled Paper?

The main raw material of recycled papers is paper itself. The types and quality of the paper collected by mills for preparing the recycled paper depends upon the type and quality of the paper they want to produce, such as, recycled business cards, or papers required for printing books, envelopes, etc. The bulk of used papers is sent to a deinking mill where coatings, ink and other extra materials are separated from the second-hand paper then it is sent to the paper mill for preparing the recycled paper. Every paper mill recycles its own internal scraps as well. So, the recycled papers are prepared from the mill scraps and post- consumers papers or used papers.


Benefits of Using Recycled Business Card:

It saves trees, forests, water, energy and whole eco system.
Less pollution than producing virgin paper
Recycled business card needs less bleaching and toxic chemicals and their uses are reduced.

Recycled business cards are cheaper than non recycled business cards.
Even the premium recycled products cost slightly less than similar grade of non recycled papers.

The papers used for recycled business cards are easily available. You will have a bigger choice if you place your order in advance.

They are more aesthetic visually.

Recycled Business cards meet the same specification of non- recycled paper business cards
They are more hygienic as less toxic chemicals are used.
Recycled Business cards are prepared mostly from non acidic papers and thus have longer archival lives.


Steps to take in buying recycled paper for business cards

Always ask for postconsumer paper for your recycled business cards. It encourages the recycling system.

Choose the right grade you need.

Allow sufficient lead time to find the right paper.

Label your business card with logo or letters to publicize it as recycled product.

Remain cost conscious, it always encourage all buying decision.

Recycle papers only hold 10% of the total printing and writing paper market share. Most of the paper mills make virgin papers. Recycled papers can be used perfectly in copiers. There are high- speed recycled papers for high- speed copiers. Sometime these papers contain excessive dust which is not inherent with the nature of recycled papers but result of incomplete vacuuming or inadequate production process.


Tips and comments

Tree pulps are an essential ingredient of all paper products. Every year more and more trees are harvested for paper, but few are replaced to make up the loss. It is extremely difficult to do business without a business card. The benefit of using recycled business cards is you do not have to cut a new tree for your business card. Recycling process takes the waste product and makes it into a new product. There are three types of raw materials used in preparing the recycled paper—they are; post-consumer waste, pre-consumer waste and paper mill broke. Post- consumer waste material is the most common raw material for recycled papers. About 35% of the world’s landfills are made of waste papers. Using recycled business cards saves environment as it reduces the quantity of trash in landfill.

Business cards, although small eat up a slice of your budget if you get them printed from a professional printer. You may save the cost of designing if you can do the artwork yourself from your Microsoft Publisher. Moreover, when you print it on recycled paper, you will save further cost and attempt to do something beneficial to the environment.