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Reasons To Choose Uniquely Shaped Business Cards

Published at 03/16/2012 19:59:36


Why Business Cards are Important?
Most business cards simply murmur. They should speak quietly your prospect. They should speak of your excellent service, the status of your business, extended working hours. Instead it is tossed in to the basket and your rival’s card is carefully inserted in to the Rolodex. You can make your representation attractive with material, color and shaped business cards.


The business cards should convey more information that is printed on its face. A business card which is dirty, ugly or full of corrections, loudly announces, irrespective of your excellent professional service, you are an amateur. A nicely designed shaped business card, visually attractive, professionally printed conveys a first positive long lasting impression.

You can use your business card effectively as the most convenient, affordable, portable marketing weapon, otherwise, it will remain shy and quite about your services and accomplishments. You can create a good impression at the first sight choosing one nice design among different shaped business cards currently available.


You can make your nicely shaped business cards a good marketing vehicle by adding a text or tagline like the following:

Easy Location: Easy to find…. In the heart of the…… located next to the….

Easy Payment: All cards are accepted…….

Welcome / Invite: No appointment needed………. All welcome…………..

Easy Service: Quick and spot delivery……… Ready stock…….

Easy Availability of Expert Advice: Doctors/ Pharmacist on duty 24 X 7

It does not matter whichever business you are in, a business card is as important as a website. Nicely shaped business cards, professionally designed and printed create a bond between your business and your customers.

There are different shaped business cards now available. They are:

Vertical Shaped cards: The main advantage of vertical cards is they tend to stand out without additional cost.
Raised Inks Business Cards: These cards give your business a classy, elegant and professional look. Nice textures are available at an affordable price.

Rounded Cornered Business Cards: These cards with unique look add special impact with little extra cost.

Folded Business Cards: They are like a mini- brochure; tend to make a lasting image.

Foil Business Card: They add class to your business. You can use it in any part of the card or on a logo or graphic or for metallic or reflective look.

Die Cut Cards: Unique shapes make them distinct, make unmatched lasting impression.

Mini and Square Cards: Great way to draw attention without any extra cost.

Embossed Business Cards: One of the most popular cards, adds a touch of class, many designs and forms are available, you can add a 3 dimensional effect to these cards.

Tips and Comments

Take the benefit of extra real estate on the backyard

Try to use the blank space at the back of your card. Most entrepreneurs fail to utilize this space. It is a prime space where you can include many valuable information, offers and facts of your service or about your company. Any calls to action like the following can be mentioned there effectively:
• Present this card for a free service!
• Refer this to your friend and avail extra 5% discount!
• Bring this card at your next visit and get extra discount!