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How To Make Party Business Cards

Published at 02/09/2012 06:20:23


Word of mouth advertising is one of the best ways to get your party company new clients. Printing and handing out party business cards is one way to spread the word about your service. Design the cards properly so they contain all the information potential clients need to contact you while also making them eye catching.After desiging your business cards for your party company, you can print them yourself to save money, or hire a professional printer to produce a more elaborate card.

Step 1

Select an image that portrays an accurate representation of your party company. If you provide clown services for children's parties, a clown image works well. Home sales party companies often provide their agents with suitable images for advertising materials. If provide basic or general party planning services, select an image or logo that helps people quickly identify what type of parties you plan, whether they are children's parties, corporate events or weddings.

Step 2

Design the layout of your card. Provide vital information, including your business name, your name, web address, contact phone number and address. If your business name is part of your logo image, you do not need to include it elsewhere on the card. Determine the placement of the image and vital information so it fits onto a a standard 2-by-3 1/2-inch card template.

Step 3

Upload your image onto your computer if you are printing your own party cards. Paste the image into a business card template, which is an option in most word processing programs. Alternatively, business card cardstock packs usually come with a template arranged to work with the particular paper. Follow the paper packaging instructions on how to download and use the template. You can design the card in a photo editing software program or in a text document, then later upload it to the template.

Step 4

Print the business cards onto the paper, following the instructions on the paper package. You must align the paper in the printer as detailed on the package for the cards to print properly. If you paper has a front and a back side, you must place it in the tray so the party business cards print on the correct side of the printer. After printing, tear the cards apart along the perforated lines. They are easier to tear apart if you first fold the paper along the perforations and then tear along the fold.

Step 5

As an alternative, take your finished party card design to a professional printer. Professional printers offer more options, such as raised print, foil papers and more colors, which can help your party business cards stand out to your customers. If you plan on using a printer, inquire as to template needs before designing the card. Some printers require that the card is designed using a template they provide or that it is saved as a certain type of file and then emailed to them.


Avoid putting too much information on the card. Keep it simple with a larger font so it is easier for your customers to read. Some empty space on the card makes it easier on the eyes. Feel free to put informatiion on both sides of the card so one side doesn't look too crowded.

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