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The Marketing Of International Foods


Marketing is a particular area of business concerned with the buying and selling of different products. It is an effective way to make your business known and expand it. on the marketing you deal with various companies, customers, products and their advertisements. It takes up a lot of money, time and often it is hard to keep your customers pleased. For being successful you need to be determined, dedicated to your work, expect changes and promote the benefits of your product. Food marketing is a type of the marketing that deals with the trading of nutritional products and their industries.

Since the industrialization of countries and widespread development of supermarkets, warehouses, food outlets along with the advertisements through media and Internet the marketing of international food has been easier as compared to before. Also, transportation of products are much faster and takes up less time and effort.

There are four Ps that should be kept in mind during the marketing of international food:

  • Product: new or old products, their popularity and rate of their consumption.
  • Price: retail and wholesale prices.
  • Promotion: Promote the product through magazines, newspapers, advertisements on television and Internet.
  • Place: selling and exhibiting the product through supermarkets, restaurant and local shops.

International food marketing depends on numerous factors, which include the economy of the country, seasonal changes and environmental effects, costs of products and cost of their transportation, bulk value and fluctuations in market. Food marketing not only involve the product industry but also the manufacturer, label printers, shipping and packaging companies. There are variations in the concept of the marketing of food in developed and underdeveloped countries. In developed countries consumer can buy the product at lower rates while in underdeveloped country the same product will be sold at much higher rate.

It is necessary to keep the consumers' interest and convenience in mind. Different strategies to market the product are required depending on weather the product is being aimed at younger generation or older age group, demands of buyer and consumer to increase the quantity or reduce the price of the product and competition with other companies. Type of product is also important, certain products like cereals, meat and soft drinks are consumed much more rapidly in many countries. Holidays brings many changes in marketing of food for example consumption of turkeys are very high during Thanksgiving season.

The rise in the cases of obesity has reduced the intake of cheese and fatty products in many places. Safety and characteristics of food play a significant role. They should be suitable and healthy for the consumer. It is necessary to prevent the contamination of products and for these various sterile techniques have to be used. Adding of various flavors to make the taste acceptable and of colors for the pleasing appearance of the product are also crucial..


The initial stages of marketing are slow and require a lot of patience. Think through your strategy, choose your product carefully, and monitor the amount of money invested.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/26/2012
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The Marketing Of International Foods. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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