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Ideas For Small Marketing Budgets


With the ongoing recession, every company is looking to reduce their costs by as much margin as possible. The stakes are high and these increased costs lead to a strain on the profit budget. Every company wants to attract as many customers as possible while avoiding lump sum spending. Considering the expensiveness of the mass media marketing such as TV, billboards and radios etc andndash.people have resorted to online small marketing, since it is cheapest most reliable method available. Moreover, a large number of the educated population spend a huge chunk of their time surfing the net rather than watching TV.


Previously, small marketing budgets were popular because of the reduced competition and the use of letters and hand mail only. This method is really cheap and can be used in today's small marketing strategies but not to a very large extent. A company must rely on other methods as well to increase awareness regarding its products. The most commendable and cheapest way to ensure a small marketing budget is to use blogs effectively.

Ideally, small marketing companies should comment on popular blogs with the relevant topic discussion to leave insightful comments that are useful to those who read the blog and create it as well. Companies should also create their own custom-made websites containing extensive details regarding every aspect and product servings of this company. However, it is highly likely that these websites go completely unnoticed.

To avoid this major crisis, companies should ensure that their website is one of the top ones visible in search engines and also has connected links on other note worthy websites. A marketing firm can be paid to guarantee that all these tasks are carried out smoothly with limited hassle and then the owners can obviously cross check.

There has been a trend of social networking advertisements. With this aspect Facebook, Twitter and Orkut lead the circuit. If a company just has an account on these leading platforms pages, events can be made free of cost to cater to customers who have accounts there. The truth of this matter is that almost everyone today has an account on Facebook.

Emails are also an effective small marketing method of advertising online. If the subject matter is useful and they don't contain viruses they are proven to increase sales and therefore increase profits. These are almost cost free because one just requires a decent computer with an Internet to send out these mass emails.


Even though handwritten and printed letters have become an obsolete method of advertising, they should not be completely ignored. Office staff have a few minutes in the morning to go through the mail. Usuall,y colorful envelopes get more attention along with those that are larger and more concise. Any irrelevant details will lead to the envelope being thrown into the trash. Newspaper companies can also be paid to leave flyers in different houses, so people can read the exact offering of the company with coloured and attractive features. A combination of two any such methods can lead to success at lowest possible costs.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/26/2012
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