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3 Tips For Marketing a Home Based Business


When starting a home-based business, there are many different steps that you have to go by to initially start up your business. You may, however, want to start marketing right before your business opens so you are not wasting any time getting customers into your website. This is why you may need some advice for marketing home-based business. By marketing your home based business, you will ensure that you will earn a profit from the money that you have already spent to start up your marketing home based business.

Step 1

Expand your network via social sites such as Face Book, Twitter, My Space and any others that you can join for free. Your local network of family and friends may be supportive of what you’re doing; however, they may not be the best sources of getting you any referrals for your business. Consider potential people who would make good customers and then look for ways to meet up or at least chat with those people online. This is an excellent tool in marketing home based business.

Step 2

Try to attend local events such as Chamber of commerce meet-ups, local school PTA meetings, any civic meeting associations, local or regional trade shows, professional conferences with other businessmen or women, and phone calls can all be effective. You can even try just local networking online through message boards and mailing lists to local businesses and people. Don’t spam the boards or lists with too many links to your products. Just participate and contribute to the groups that are likely to include prospects for your services, and you will get known, and then you can try more promotion techniques to these people. This is an easy way of marketing home based business.

Step 3

Talk to the people you see out in public. Anyone and everyone, as circumstances allow. The woman next to you on the bus, the man at the grocery store who looks confused on his wife's shopping list, or the man sitting in the seat next to you on the airplane. These are all great ways of marketing home based business. All these people may be potentially interested in what you are selling. Instead of just sitting there bored, strike up a friendly conversation, not mentioning your business at first. Find out what they do, and eventually they’re likely to ask what you do. Once you explain your business to them, be sure to have a business card hand and ready to give to them.

Step 4

Never tell people that your business is "home based', always just tell them that it is an "online business." Some people still tend to frown on "home businesses even though this is, how about 80% of family-owned business got their initial start. Even some churches started out as a "home based church"! If someone asks where your business is located, just simply give them the website address, not a real physical address. If they want a physical address, you should give them a PO Box, which you would have set up for your marketing home based business previously.

Step 5

Be sure to try and get out in the public as much as possible, as word of mouth is your biggest selling key for your marketing home based business. By getting out and talking to people, they will tell other people, who will then tell others.


Remember: Always have business cards available with you no matter where you are going to. This is the #1. best way to promote yourself for free!

By Jessica ., published at 02/23/2012
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