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How To Find the Best Car Used Prices


Not everyone can afford to buy a new car or even a car at all. However, there are instances that necessitate buying a vehicle to get to work or transport kids to school when there is no reliable transportation system or when one lives far from an urban center. Hence, finding best prices for a used car to be able to buy an affordable vehicle is the most logical solution to mobility issues.

Step 1

Finding best prices for used cars on car listings directory is one method. Private sales are often the best since you can still negotiate for the prices of used cars with owners and do not have to deal with middlemen or brokers. These listings are found in newspapers or paid listings on auction sites. Craigslist is also one place where you can find reasonable prices on secondhand vehicles.

Step 2

Another way to find reasonable prices for used cars is to look at websites that deal only with selling used vehicles. These are both paid and free listing from private individuals who are selling their own vehicles. You just need to enter the specific model you are looking for along with a budget price you are willing to pay. The email address and phone numbers of the owner are written on the site as well as the address where you can find the vehicle. An example of such site is Car2Be.

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There are also websites that sell both used and new cars and if you are lucky, you can get good prices for a used car in these places. The advantage of using these sites to find secondhand vehicles is that you have more choices and can even get new models. Moreover, there is also an option for trading in your vehicle, if you have any, for a newer model of used car. Car specialists on the site can assess the market value of your vehicle and you only have to pay the difference between the price of a used car and that of your old automobile. In short, you can do two things at the same time in one place.

Step 4

Car dealerships that sell new cars have also a good inventory of used vehicles. Often, the prices of used cars are already advertised on the vehicle itself and they are displayed in front of the dealership. These prices give you an idea of what’s available in the market. In addition to being able to see, inspect, and even test drive the vehicle, you can also see the physical condition of the car. These used vehicles are also covered by warranty or are certified.


Step 5

Edmunds is a car repository website and offers a lot of choices when it comes to used cars. The advantage of using this type of website is that you can cover a lot of research when you are looking for the best price in used cars. A price comparison button on the site itself makes it convenient to evaluate the prices of used cars. Technical specifications, model, year, and mileage are also included which make it easy to see if these cars are worth buying at a first pass. Trade-ins are also possible.


Independent car lots are other sources of places where you can get good prices on used cars. Some offer warranty and others do not. If it is offered, repairs and adjustments are undertaken by a local garage.

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