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How To Upgrade Your Vehicles From Alternatives To Fossil Fuels

What are Fossil Fuels

Alternatives to Fossil Fuels are formed deep within the Earth from the decomposition of dead organisms such as dead plants and animals. The exposure of organic remains to heat and pressure creates fuel after a long period of time. The three main alternatives to fossil fuels when burned are coal, oil and natural gas. Oil and Gas are formed from dead remains of organisms that live in water. Coal forms on land from remains of plants.

How it was used

The industrial revolution has used coal as a fuel source many years ago. Its discovery led to the invention of steam engine which is used in manufacturing, transportation, and electricity. Coal is forced by pressure into a fine dust and heated while oil and gas can be burnt directly. The process involves burning fuel. After that heating water to make steam then pass through the turbines. It has to be cooled before it can be pumped again. The turbines turn the generator then electric power is produced. Relatively we are using our reserves faster than they are being made. But evidently, we have more alternatives to fossil fuels that we can make use of for many years. Nobody can estimate when it will disappear. The efforts of concerned parties evolve in balancing the usage and maximizing the effects.

Upgrading the Vehicle

The effects of changing aspects of the engine in order to reduce the amount of fuel used are not that huge. On average, a normal engine gets 75 percent of its energy in heat. The percentage also varies from car to car. Fuel cells vehicles that use hydrogen that is produce from alternatives to fossil fuels have a lower carbon dioxide footprint. In vehicles using oil, the energy is within it. The newer cars are now more efficient than older ones that burn more fuel. The energy is simply gone in the transmission and energy gradually vanishes to the wheels.

In comparing cars using oil and the other is powered by electricity, the one that uses oil is more favorable. In recent years, the technology of batteries has not been great. The way the energy is stored changes everything. Now we can stock energy better by using hydrogen-batteries. We don’t want to contribute more to the green house gases released in the atmosphere that comes from energy production. We need to change the two foundations of modern economy which is transportation and power.

Reforming Public Transportation

In twenty years or more, cars will not be as useful anymore. Our natural environment becomes incapable of surviving slowly. The energy industries and car manufacturers are still strong; however more pressure is place on top of their shoulders. The division of territories is one of the solutions made to reshape public transportation system. This change initially led to large amount of loss in time and money. Better planning is done in accordance to economic and social development. There are a lot of possibilities in combining public transportation corporations and another important matter is the impact of wastes. Transportation alone is responsible to twenty percent of pollutants in the air so we need to have alternatives to fossil fuels.

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 01/25/2012
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How To Upgrade Your Vehicles From Alternatives To Fossil Fuels. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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