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Renting cars is much more convenient than relying on taxis or buses. They also emanate a sense of independence, giving the individual the choice to decide locations irrespective of time and distance constraints. San Francisco is a city bustling with tourists and locals. Therefore, its extremely hard to locate a taxi easily in any case. Rather than wasting precious time, people find it convenient to rent out car for a few days and manage their time accordingly.


San Francisco is an ideal state for tourists to visit in terms of scenic beauty. Although, this city provides visitors and local people with many attractions, one of those related to driving is the 49 Mile Scenic Drive. This drive came into existence for the benefit of visitors to San Francisco's Golden Gate International Exposition and originally ended at the fairgrounds on Treasure Island. President Franklin Roosevelt was the first person to actually test this drive in 1938. The large seagull's sign, which actually marks the start of this route, was a drawing submitted by a participant for the renowned competition aimed at designing a sign for this drive. In fact, this drive is popularly termed as the Seagull Route. The San Francisco Travel Association promotes this drive for scenic and shopping purposes. Many sightseeing monuments along with shopping locations are situated on either side of this drive. People usually tend to rent out cars to visit this drive and other places in San Francisco.

Rental Car San Francisco are only available to those who are 25 and above. Companies prefer keeping the risk of car damage low and regard 25, as a mature enough age to avoid damage inflicted to cars. Most visitors and locals like to travel to Northern California from San Francisco for a road trip. in this case car rentals are essential. As with every car rental company the rates of rental car San Francisco differ according to the car chosen, along with the duration it's rented out for. Usually expensive cars such as limousines, Jaguars, Marx and BMWs are rented out in the elite price range, and not many people can afford them. In case of damage people will have to pay a hefty fine for the liabilities, so rented out such high maintenance cars is mostly avoided by those sensible. Rental car San Francisco within the normal price range include Toyotas, Corollas and Hybrids amongst many other prominent names. The condition of the car determines the amount it is rented out for. Second hand, used and old models of any car tend to be rented out for much less, than their newer and untouched counterparts. Usually, the rental is broken down into days and customers are charged accordingly.


The costs incurred when rental car San Francisco is taken out, increases considerably if any damage or accident occurs. Hence, the company carries out a detail examination of the car to check whether any damage has been caused, so the individual can be charged accordingly. The contract signed or receipt received when rental car San Francisco is being taken usually contains relevant information regarding extra charges. It is highly obvious that rental car San Francisco is much more costly than local taxis fro transportation.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/19/2012
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Rental Car San Franciso Rates. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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