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If you have no experience rental cars then it could turn a disaster for you. Negotiating with a number of rental car dealers regarding travel dates and rates often makes you bore. If you keep searching online than you have to type same details again and again in different websites which is also evenly bored experience. You have no choice but to find the best deal for yourself. Must read terms and conditions of the different companies as it is very important. You must look for following important aspects before hire rental cars.

Amount Charged:

Amount charged by the companies often not as simple as it is written on the website or they tell you on phone. There are hidden charges such as fees, drop over charges and taxes. You need to know all they charge by asking questions and calculate which company is offering actually best rates. Rental cars often look cheaper to hire but actually cost us a lot.

Rents for a Single Day:

If you want rental car for one or two day it normally costs you more as compare if you need it for whole week or more. The reason is simple, economy of scale.

Rentals car on Weekends:

Rentals cars are mostly becomes expensive on weekends as demand increased on the weekends. Besides that most of the rentals car companies give cars from Friday evening till Monday morning.

Choosing the Vehicle:

Another important factor which affects the price of rental deal is type of vehicle you want. Sometimes compromising on model and make can save you a lot. Everybody wants to drive the most luxurious car but think about the difference of amount and you will start feeling better while choosing a normal vehicle.

Airport Rentals car Services:

Airport rentals are always more expensive than normal rental car dealers. If you want to save some precious amount of money take public conveyance from the airport such as taxi. It is a little inconvenience but it saves you to be the victim of high price rentals.

Knowing the Rates:

Knowledge of rentals car rates of different cities and areas is really a plus when you start negotiating with the representatives of different rental car companies. You can save handsome amount of money by just being in good position while negotiations.

Returning Your Car:

Most of the rental companies full the fuel tank at the time of delivery and in return they want full tank or charge the quantity of fuel less. In that case it is advisable that return them full tank instead of paying amount. Before leaving the vehicle you should be sure that you took all your personal things from the vehicle. Always make sure that representative of the company check the vehicle in your presence to avoid any inconvenience. Rental car deal is not an easy business. It is more complicated for those who do not have prior experience of this. By practicing above mentioned tips for hiring rental vehicles you can actually find the best deals for yourself.

By Eva Rosenberg, published at 02/14/2012
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Rentals Car -The Best Offers. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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