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The entertainment systems for today’s automobiles go beyond the tradition stereo and video players. Many of them integrate the DVD, audio, security and navigation features into a single system. The rear-seat television, DVD and video players can now be upgraded into an in-dash LCD and DVD systems with navigation and surround sounds. Integrated controllers are easy to use and ensure driver safety. As with any automobile add-on, there are a vast variety of products in the market, and your challenge lies in differentiating between the specs and the hype surrounding the multimedia car players.

Before you choose your car player, think of your priorities. If you travel a lot with kids, a DVD/video player can help turn your long distance travel into a pleasant experience. A car player with wireless headphones may be a great choice, especially if the parents want to listen to their favorite radio station, while the children are watching their movie in the rear seat. A car player with a monitor for front-viewing can modify your car into a drive-in theatre of sorts. Remember that any system that incorporates a CD/DVD changer into a single device is a space and money saver for you.

If you do not like to miss your favorite soaps on TV, consider adding a TV tuner to your car player. Adding a navigation system, or a GPS, to your multimedia system will not hurt. Most new navigation systems accept voice commands and give vocal directions for your safety. Adding a rear-view camera to your car player may require you to spend some extra money, but it’s worth the price, especially if you drive in narrow, downtown streets. You may also choose to have remote controls for easy operation, and stereo systems to match your car player.

A good car player is the one that gives you your money’s worth. Most car manufacturers do not include these multi-feature car players in their basic model. The more upgrades and features you ask for, the more you pay – it’s that simple. If you choose to upgrade your car player later, you may purchase good players online, or at your local electronic store. The price ranges from $400 to 1,000, depending on the brand and the features. You may also find a refurbished one for a cheaper price but make sure it has been tested by the original manufacturers before entering the market. Consider the price of installation before making this decision.

A good car player, at the end of the day, is the one that works for you and makes your travel in the car fun and enjoyable. As new technologies enter the market each day, cool and fascinating features are being added to car players as well. Features, that we could not even imagine a decade ago, are now becoming a reality. In this era of mad competition, marketing and sales, understand that a car player is only for your entertainment. Do not choose your car based on that.



By david mecheld, published at 03/06/2012
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