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How To Claim Car Damage on Insurance

Published at 03/16/2012 23:18:19


Car insurance allows you to save cash for repairs in case something unfortunate happens to your car. Your insurance will most likely coverage all the expenses for you after evaluation of the nature and causes of the accident. There are two basic types of car insurance: collision and comprehensive. Collision insurance refers to accidents caused by collision with any object, not just cars. This policies solo car accidents where the driver may have hit a tree, a building, a light post, and more.

Comprehensive insurance policies accidents that do not involve collisions. This policies theft and vandalism, damages caused by fire or flood, and animal impacts. If any damage is inflicted to your vehicle by any of the aforementioned causes, it is time o file and claim car insurance.

Step 1

Contact your insurance carrier to inform them of the accident and start the process that will enable you to claim car insurance.

Step 2

Report the insurance claim by setting a meeting with the agent that has sold you the insurance. The agent is your point of contact the person to help present and submit your report to the company so that you can claim car insurance without much hassle.

Step 3

Disclose important information with the agent which includes facts of loss and the details of the damages.

Step 4

When it is time for you to file the report, make sure you have all the necessary data the company will want to know. To claim car insurance for collision, you must supply the following details:

  • Date, time, and location of accident
  • Location of vehicle (drivable or not?)
  • Information about the other driver, especially his name, address, contact number, and license number
  • Details of the other vehicle (if it is a vehicle collision) such as: model, plate number, and VIN
  • Insurance claim from the other party (if any) including insurance carrier and policy number
  • Contact information of people and law enforcement officials/agencies that are present in the scene

To claim car insurance for comprehensive accidents, you have to supply the following information:

  • Details on loss (in case of theft)
  • Date, time, and location of incident
  • Current state of the vehicle (drivable or not?)
  • In case of theft, provide mileage, car options and features
  • Contact information of the bank or institution that financed the vehicle
  • Contact number of witnesses and law enforcement officials/agencies present during the incident

Step 5

Once the necessary details are supplied, the agent will submit the report to the company for evaluation, and you'll just have to wait for the company's call.


In order to quickly file and claim car insurance, always keep a phone number of your agent in your vehicle. If possible, contract the agent f the scene or site of the accident. When submitting the papers to claim car insurance, do not be afraid to raise any questions that you have to the claims associate. This will make you understand the process and the benefits that you will get when you will finally claim car insurance.

As long as you have all the needed information, it is not at all hard to claim car insurance. It is, after all, something you paid for in case of future needs.


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