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How To Repair a Car Bumper


It is a busy world today and time has value of money. Labor has sky rocketing prices therefore it is important that we learn to do all kinds of daily life tasks by ourselves. For transportation purposes car is a vehicle which is the most common on road. Everyone uses it extensively thus exposing it to the daily life dangers. One of them is car accidents which if usually result in damaging the bumper. In order to get that bumper fixed many spend large number of money while other wastes their time. It is important to know how to fix car’s bumper so one can save time, energy and their money. Following is the step by step instruction guide to know how to fix dented, damaged or detached bumpers.

Step 1

Most cars have four bolts to hold the bumpers together held on by lug nuts. But in order to be sure one has to look underneath the specific car to find what kind of bolts will be attached to hold the bumper in place. Since these nuts and bolts are rusty most of the time, one has to oil the nuts and bolts thoroughly so they can be loosened and easily removed.

Step 2

With the help of a wrench take out the nuts and bolts underneath the place where bumper will be de attached from the car one by one, also remember the correct place of each nut and bolt so when putting back together it won’t cause any problem.

Step 3

You need to buy the correct repair material according to the substance of your car’s bumper. Once the substance is clarified then you can proceed with repair.

Step 4

Plastic repair is a common way to repair the dented bumpers from a car. First you have to smooth the edges of the bumper and chip away the paint from the affected area. Make sure that the paint is scrubbed away nicely. Clean it with a plastic solvent and finally press the plastic welder to the edges to repair the dent.

Step 5

Other effective method of fixing bumper of a car is of by removing it completely from the car and placing it on a safe place to prevent further damage. With the help of a blow dryer heat the surface of the dent for about 5 minutes. Push the dented surface out with force and immediately cool the surface. One can do that with help of towels dipped in ice cold water. Ensure that most of the dent is out and the surface has become cool.


To repair a bumper of a car is no big deal, but the key is to do the task completely. If one cannot fix the bumper alone it is always a good idea to call a friend for help if they know your car well. Rubber malt is also an effective way to push out the dent if one cannot take it out on their own. It is advised not to repair the dent if you have insurance.

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