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People, who are passionate about cars, also worry about their outlook. When one cares about the outlook, cleanliness is a priority apart from décor and accessories. Cars get dirty all the time, be it dust or mud. Wheels are most susceptible to dust as these are always in contact with the road or any other surface the car moves on. This contact is responsible for humongous amounts of dirt that gets accumulated on the car rims and cleaning them must be done on a regular basis.


Some people opt for expensive greases when it comes to cleaning their rims and some prefer to use a mere brush to wear off any dirt that has accumulated. A simple process if followed will help ensure the cleanest of car rims. Not only does this cleaning help make the gliding of the car easy but also as they say a stitch in time saves nine, cleaning of the car rims might save the car from some future trouble. This timely cleaning also helps avoid grease and baked on grime that is hard to remove. So to prevent the harmful effects of products those are of low quality and acids that might damage the car rims forever , here are a few tips to get the best rim cleaner.


A good quality rim or wheel cleaner can be purchased and then sprayed onto the rims and the wheels. Let it stay for five minutes. After it has set and lifted off the grime, rinse it off. The rinsing may be done with a toilet paper. While rinsing ensure that all traces of the cleaner are wiped off. Rinsing is done more effectively if a micro fiber cloth is used. Then simply spray it off with a hose. This method is used for non chrome rims. For chrome rims polishes may be used after the initial cleaner. This creates a mirror like effect. While applying the polish make sure that the car rims are not exposed to direct sunlight. After the polish has set in let it dry completely and rub in with a micro fiber cloth to give the final touch.

Tips and Comments

Car rim cleaner may be purchased from stores or online. There are many reputable sites on the internet that sell best car rim cleaners. While purchasing a car rim cleaner make sure that the product is non acid based and non caustic based. As technology and advancement has made its way in every field, it has revolutionized the car industry on the same basis and many water based extra slippery rim cleaners have been introduced that clean wheels as well. Also pH balance should also be considered while the car rim cleaner is being purchased. Gloss and slick look can be achieved on the car rim with the help of a good oil based car rim cleaner. One other useful tip is that if you run out of options and supplies, you can always use a glass cleaner to make your car rims shine as bright as new ones.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/22/2012
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the Best Rim Car Cleaners. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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