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San Antonio is the seventh largest city of United States of America whereas it is the second largest of the State of Texas. It boasts of a population of 1.33 million and is located on the map in the southwestern part of the United State of America. One would not feel frustrated and disappointed in their search for a good car in the city, as the San Antonio car dealerships are a mature market with many car dealerships providing a wide array of choices and selection to their customers.

Step 1

The city of San Antonio has a lot of car dealerships that are providing their customers with great cars at great prices. For you to find car dealerships in San Antonio your first step should be to search on the internet. One way you can find reviews and locations of ideal San Antonio car dealerships is through Here you will learn not only the car dealership locations but also the feedback they have received from their customers. You could also contact San Antonio Automobile Dealers association inc. which is a union of sorts for the car dealerships. You can find car dealerships also on Search engines like Yahoo! and Google by simply typing in the search field.

Step 2

For you to choose the best San Antonio Car dealership, you need to establish the ground rules that will help you in benchmarking the car dealerships. One of the most basic is the locality of the dealership. You can find out different car dealerships but you must always check its address to see if it’s close by or a long drive away.

Step 3

San Antonio Car dealerships offer a wide range of services to their customers. These include not only buying and selling of new and used cars but also many others. Most car dealerships will also provide you with the spare parts of the car you are buying. Other than that many offer auto loans and financing, certified service department and other value added services.

Step 4

San Antonio car dealerships offer their prospective customers utility of both using their car services and purchasing a used or new car. There is abundant number of car dealerships in San Antonio. Some of the most talked about and those that have earned a respectable name are:

  • Gunn Honda, which has been serving the residents of San Antonio not only in the purchase of the cars but also in other services like Auto loans and financing and providing spare parts of Honda cars.
  • The Gunn Chevrolet near Austin and Corpus Christi is also a well renowned car dealership in San Antonio which helps its customers the same way as Gunn Honda does except it only deals in Chevrolet.
  • North Park Lexus of San Antonio is also an ideal place to shop if you are looking to buy a high end car like the Lexus. Its staff is well trained and the cars are elegantly displayed in their showroom.

Tip 4

To buy a car in San Antonio is not a daunting task. But remember what ever dealership you choose to go in, you must preplan your purchasing criteria and also the budget that you are going to work with. Car dealers are very good salesmen who will persuade you to buy expensive and over priced cars if you go unprepared. Also choose those San Antonio car dealerships that come recommended by your friends or on websites like

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By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/21/2012
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the Best Antonio Car Dealers. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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