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7 Car Tips For Car Care


Car maintenance is something that almost no one likes to do. But the truth is that no one can avoid or deny the importance of car maintenance and if for a longer period you have been doing this, then prepare yourself for facing huge blows on your budget. A research was conducted in the US which revealed that people approximately spend $6000 annually for their car maintenance. One of the main reasons for people avoiding vehicle care is that it is quite expensive to regularly visit your mechanic and to buy various components and parts for your car. 7 car care tips, if properly observed can really enhance the performance of your car and will help you avoid inconvenience and financial blows. These 7 car tips are as follows.

Step 1

Oil changing is very vital for the performance of the car and is the main service required to prolong the life of your car. If the owner does not prioritize regular oil changing, then the performance of the car will be adversely affected. Most vehicle manufacturers have different recommendations for the engine oil; it is highly recommended to use the good quality of reputed companies. This will not only protect your car but will also protect the environment. Changing oil and its filter after every 3,000 to 4,000 miles and discarding the used thin oil, also gives you a chance to learn if anything else your car may require, by conducting a simple oil test. Oil changing repairs your car parts which plays vital role in the performance of your car. Among the 7 car tips, oil changing is the most important and useful for the protection of car and most importantly the environment.

Step 2

Another tip enlisting our 7 car care tips is to make a checklist of the pending or the require work necessary for your car. When a serviceman or a mechanic informs you of a problem in your car and advises you to fix the problem soon, the owners putt off that work mainly because of financial constraints. Under such circumstances it is highly recommended to make a list of these pending works for the future consideration. You can always go back and have the work done later. That way, you are in control of the situation.

Step 3

The major car care tip listed in our 7 car care instructions is mechanic selection. Always prefer maintaining your car yourself and avoid going to new mechanics every time. Mechanic selection is very important if you want to avoid being over charged or wait for days and days for taking appointment for your car. Find the qualified and appropriate mechanic and take down his contact number along with his name and workshop’s address. Stick to this mechanic and avoid changing them unless you think your mechanic is not properly qualified or is over charging you.

Tip 4

Car maintenance is highly essential for the maintenance of your car. Simple precautions, like the 7 car care tips mentioned above, if duly followed, can help you avoid serious financial threats and other inconvenience which you may face. Choose your vehicle insurer with great caution as it will be covering most of your car expenses. Daily check the air pressure in your tires, your headlights, radiator’s coolant and brake. These all things are highly important for your car’s safe drive. Refuel your car from a reputable station and avoid stations offering hefty discounts or are in far flung areas as mostly the quality of their fuel is substandard. Your manual will specify when your car needs to be maintained and what needs to be done. You can keep your car running smoothly for a longer time and with the help of these 7 car tips you can actually increase the life and value of your car. Also this will provide you and your family with a safe journey as travelling in a car that is poorly maintained can be highly dangerous and can also prove to be fatal.

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By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/24/2012
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