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Tips For Girl Car Drivers


It turns out that boys are not the only ones who like to take control of the wheel; girls are equally keen when it comes to cars. The argument that who is better of the two sexes when it comes to cars is never going to cease. Many have concluded that men are better drivers while others argue that men are more prone to risky driving. It is girl car drivers between the ages of 16 and 19, who face a major risk while driving. Young girl car drivers are increasing in number every day and since they indulge in frequent use of cell phones, they are more likely to end up in accidents.

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Women feel the need to be socially connected at all times and this results in excess usage of the cell phone. The ratio of boys to girl car divers using cell phones has revealed that girl car drivers are more aggressive cell phone users. Cell phone distraction has resulted in many life threatening accidents. So here is a tip to avoid accidents. Smaller cars can put you at a greater risk as compared to big cars. So girl car drivers should go for a truck as in case of a frontal collision, the bigger the front end, the lesser the risk of injury. If the car is small and light, the passenger is more vulnerable to the collision’s impact.

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A second tip for girl car drivers is that before buying the car, make sure it undergoes the test crash against other cars. This is not a new idea as many companies make their cars undergo similar tests before launching them. A test would show how the car is likely to behave when it gets hit and what will be the impact of the hit on the passenger? Girl car drivers often tend to be of low weight and upon a collision they might end up breaking their necks as a result of the jolt. Also the test would show how effective the air bag is? The air bag may be fitted in front of the knees instead of their usual place, the dashboard and steering wheel. The air bag may also be fitted with an internal strap to protect the inner organs and shift the impact towards the more rugged areas such as the shoulders.

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Last but not the least is the third tip, which is wearing a seat belt. Girl car drivers can be reckless and forget the benefits of wearing a seat belt. It is nothing but simple physics that a body will continue to be in motion unless a force acts on it. So the safety belt acts as a force that will keep you strapped to your seat and out of harm.


Young girl car drivers these days should also go for car insurance. In case of an accident, this is a means to ensure that your car gets back to its original condition without you having to cover these expenses. Taking care of life is essential. An accident might cause damage that cannot be rectified for the rest of one’s life.

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By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/28/2012
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