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Infinity is a luxury car manufacturer that makes everything from a classy sports car, to a sedan to a luxury SUV loaded with all the bells and whistles that a busy family could ever possibly want or need in a vehicle! This vehicle is in a class all by itself and holds its resell value great! For performance and stability this brand is one of a kind!



The Infiniti brand is a wonderful luxury car division of the Nissan vehicle corporation. This specific type of division was first decided to be launched to the public and launched in November 1989 and ever since this brand has been changing the world of luxury cars ever since it was first released to the general audience. At first this line was only introduced to Americans but then was eventually released all across the world and continues to be loved by many people today as a top luxury brand of vehicle!



The Infinity brand made many different brands that sold but was not selling top notch as the company would have liked them to be, so when the Inifnity car q45 was released the audience finally took a step back and decided that they loved this vehicle! It was a big hit and a large success for this company who started selling these as fast as though could be produced and bough in off of the line! Some people were even pre ordering this vehicle before it was released to be sure they has first dibs on the vehicle of their dreams!

There are many different types of vehicles avaialble from Inifity however some of the most popular are

The g35 Infinity car which is available as both a coupe or a sedan! This modes features leather, sunroof, passenger controls, heated seats, and a nice Bose stereo system. Most models come with a multi cd disc changer and some come with a tape deck still installed. Blue tooth is also available in these fast cars so you are able to sync up your cell phone! No need to text and drive with an awesome system like this located right under your fingertips! The primary complaint is on the Infinity g35 coupe which doesn't feature much room in the back seat. A car seat for a toddler will fit but is very hard to get in and out due to the small head space and room available in the back. If you are a parent then the 4 door model of this car is highly suggested for you to purchase! A newer model has been released with even better design and features and is called the Inifity g37 coupe! This model you can get a classy convertiable and it is luxury at its very best!

In 2012 the Infinity QX56 was released and was an excellent hit for everyone. Young people, older parents and even soccer moms were going to this vehicle! This vehicle features an excellent suspension which reduces boy leaving when taking corners, meaning less roll-over accidents and safer for your family! The motor is a V8 5.6 liter engine with all the HP you could ever need for your family! This suv starts at 2 wheel drove for around $60,000 and is in a class of its own in comparison to over vehicle of the same luxury type!





Tips and comments

Always price shop when vehicle hunting and do not be afraid to haggle!c

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