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What Causes Humans To Have a Random Memory

Published at 02/22/2012 21:01:36


The human brain is very much like the computer which keeps on storing the information and reproducing it whenever needed. The brain determines whether it wants to keep certain information or not. When an event takes place or there is some learning process going on or when we meet people, there are number of things which the brain picks up. The 3 main parts of the brain are responsible for storing information and processing a memory. The short term memory is like a computer’s RAM (random access memory), the part needed to store recent information and to retrieve long stored information. Like a computer, humans use this RAM to access and the use the stored away information. The brain is the most complicated part of human body. There are certain things to which the brain reacts to in an instant like what’s your name? Where do you live? What you had for breakfast? Etc. But there are few memories which are long term and had happened in the past which is mostly random memory like an event that occurred in childhood, first time you sat in a roller coaster, and first time you cooked something.


What Causes Humans To Have a Random Memory

It is an indisputable fact that human memory is as old as the human himself. The human memory or for that matter random memory can’t be described as having a set date of evolution. Many scientists have tried to do a lot of research on the duration of short term and long term human memory or as to when it has started.


The random memory is the one which humans tend to recall time and again. The reasons which causes humans to have random memory might be more then the anticipated. Sometimes it is due to the fact that people want to remember cherish able moments but because it had happened randomly or out of nowhere, it is difficult to remember it exactly how it had happened. But the brain is working as well as it always does and stores the long term memories as well just like the RAM in computer and this random memory stored by brain (if it thinks it’s important enough) is later on revived.

Tips and comments

Brain has its own capacity to work. Just as a machine needs wear and tear as it can’t work more than it has the potential for, same is the case with human brain. It needs rest and relaxation. Random memory forces humans to use their brain more than needed. It is important to have a good sleep at night and also eat healthy food so as to keep the brain alert such as walnuts. Random memory loss is also one of the problems that people acquire over the time. It seems to be a common phenomenon if you don’t remember where you have put the car keys or standing in a room and can’t remember why you were there or in extreme cases you can’t remember an event taken place years ago but eventually it leads to severe memory loss.