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How To Find the Right Memory For Your Laptop


Getting a laptop is very easy. There are many options available on the market today. One of the best features that the laptop provides is the portability. You can take your laptop anywhere.

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Unlike desktops, you have the mobile feature in the laptop which makes it more usable. This is the best way to take your data with you anywhere you go. Therefore, the demand of the laptops has been increased much. There are certain hardware specifications that a laptop must have so that you can use it comfortably.

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There are some of the hardware requirements that you should check while getting the laptop. The main important part of hardware configuration is the memory. Random access memory (RAM) is the main memory for laptop that should be considered first while getting one.

Step 3

The history of the laptops is fascinating. The laptops were first made for delivering people the easy way to use computers on the move. This was imagined for the first time by Alan Kay. He made the use of computers portable. This way anyone can easily carry the laptops with them so as to do various tasks on the move.

Step 4

There were some prototypes developed in 1970s. The first of prototype that was extremely portable was released in the year 1972 and it was called Dynabook. Later developments in the prototypes were done by IBM. The first prototype that was commercially available as a portable computer was SAMPT prototype named IBM 5100. Later the development of flip form laptops was done in 1980s. The development of flat screens, faster processors and high memory for laptops made possible to develop laptops to this stage.

Step 5

Some people need a lot of memory while others prefer an average amount The first thing that you should ask to yourself is that for what purpose you are buying laptop. If you are buying laptop for general purpose, the memory for laptop should be minimum 2 GB. This will be enough for having the laptop for general use. For special purpose, such as for gaming or development, you need to buy the laptop that has more memory around 3 or 4 GB. Taking about storage memory that depends on your usage.

Once you get the appropriate memory for your laptop, you can easily make the laptop work your way. Not only memory is enough, you have to take care of processor and motherboard too. All this will make up your laptop.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/21/2012
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