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There are a plethora of memory cards on the market today and many come with their own set of rules for successful navigation. Each individual electronic item can be trying at times to navigate and many non-experienced user may get lost in the list of menus and buttons. Ensuring that you have enough cards memory is an issue that can be the difference between having memories of your vacation or an empty scrapbook. There are many ways to find the proper method to be able to check all aspects of your cards memory and especially your cards memory.



Step 1

Most modern day digital cameras come with an instruction booklet that is right in the box when you purchase it from the store. Be sure to read through the instruction booklet so that you can become familiar with the workings of the camera and all the accessories. There is often a section within this booklet that details how to properly install a memory card into the camera. It will also detail the ways in which to navigate all menus on the camera and this can lead you directly to working with thecards memory and find out how much cards memory you have. This booklet can be a saving grace when it comes to full understanding you camera and using it properly.

Step 2

A separate booklet or small sheet of instructions may also come with the memory card itself. This depends on the brand itself, but is very common today. Here you can see how much memory the card itself has or even an estimate on how many pictures or minutes of video is available on the card. If you are using the memory card for other electronic items such as portable gaming devices then it may detail how much cards memory is available for downloads or saves. There is a lot of information to be had on these small sheets of paper, so don’t simply throw it away or ignore it.

Step 3

Ensuring that you have enough cards memory can also be checked by putting the memory card into a computer that has a port designed to accept them. This is a great way to upload pictures to your computer and delete the ones that you no longer need on the camera. This has two advantages in that you will be able to archive the pictures from your last outing while also freeing up space to take pictures on your next adventure. If you do not have a computer with this capability then you can take the card to retailers such as Wal-Mart that can make prints of your pictures and then you can delete the pictures at home on your camera.

Step 4

There are many ways to make sure that you have enough cards memory. No one wants to go out and enjoy themselves only to find out that a great photo op is spoiled because there isn’t enough cards memory to take the picture.

Step 5

Ensure you read all available information for your camera and keep the memory card free of old pictures and you will never miss an opportunity like this again.

By Ema Mary Wanjiku, published at 02/10/2012
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