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Benefits Of A Memory Foam Mattress

Published at 02/16/2012 06:39:20


Memory Foam is a substance that is viscoelastic, meaning it has both viscous and elastic qualities. It was first manufactured for NASA airplane seats in the seventies, it was then used in helmets and other such items but today it is used in mattress and pillows. When you lie down on a memory foam mattress it moulds itself to your body and when you get up it springs back in place. In this article I will detail six key benefits of a memory foam mattress.

Step 1

Because the memory foam mattress does not contain coils you will be less aware of your sleeping partner tossing and turning during the night, ensuring for a less disturbed sleep. The mattress also has warmth to it due to its temperature sensitivity which consumers find comforting.

Step 2

 Memory foam mattresses mould to your body shape and give you the added support you require during sleep. This moulding takes place due to the heat sensitivity of the mattress, it moulds around you you don't have to mould it. Because of this moulding effect each part of the body is essentially supported lessening strain on the spine during sleep. Whilst the bed has moulded to you during sleep due to body warmth as soon as you get up the bed springs back up, meaning that other people could benefit from this device.

Step 3

Comfort whilst sleeping is a factor that is highly sought after and the memory foam mattress can fulfil this desire. With no uncomfortable coils and a delightful sinking sensation when you lie down it is an incredibly relaxing sleeping experience

Step 4

If you are yearning for a great night sleep memory foam mattresses alleviates and soothes a multitude of pesky health problems. They have been known to prevent or alleviate neck pain and tension, arm pains, lower back pain, headaches and migraines and painful arthritis. Blood circulation is also improved and bed sores are a less likely occurrence .Foam mattresses effectively brings relieve to the whole body ensuring for a tranquil sleep.



Step 5

The memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for those who suffer from asthma. Additionally unlike coil mattress the foam mattress will not attract pesky dust mites.


Step 6

If you are after a sensible smart investment this variant of mattress will be just the thing. It wears less than the traditional coil mattress making sure that you will have a long lasting mattress and a longer period until you have to replace it.


  1. If you suffer from allergies the memory form mattress is the ideal item for you. There are also pillow forms of the memory foam which may be of interest.
  2. Comfort and alleviation of pain and tension are two pivotal advantages of the memory foam mattress.
  3. If you suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia or apnoea the memory foam mattress can relax your body to a greater degree ensuring for an improved night sleep.
  4. The memory foam mattress is suitable for any sleeping position.
  5. Unlike with coil mattress which you have to flip to prevent sagging, the foam mattress does not require this action.
  6. The price range of memory foam mattress will vary depending on the size and density of the mattress.