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How To Use An Sd Memory Card


The memory SD card is a very versatile memory card that can be used in cell phones or any other type of devices that use a memory SD card. The memory SD card is a card that is very common among mobile storing but they also have a very good and specific purpose. The memory SD card is very useful when it’s placed in a Smartphone or a digital camera. The memory SD card is very thin and because of this it’s often used in slim devices. The SD memory card also has a good storage capacity but they are not as useful as an USB thumb drive or a portable hard disk. The memory SD card was created to be is used in many types of devices.

Step 1

You can use you memory SD card as a USB drive, for this you need to buy an adapter that will convert your memory SD card into a classic simple USB drive. Having this adapter will make your memory SD card even more useful because you can connect it easily to your computer. If you buy an adapter, which is around 10$, you won’t need a card reader to access the data from your memory SD card. Turning your memory SD card into a simple USB drive will make your card more versatile.

Step 2

You can use the card in your digital camera and with the adapter you can download the photos very easy. It also helps when you want to show the pictures from your camera to your friends or relatives, because all you have to do is take the card out of the camera insert it in the adapter and then connect it to the nearest computer. You can also access the printer easily. There are some printers that can print directly from an USB drive.

Step 3

Another good thing you can do with your memory SD card is install an operating system on it. You can put an operating system on your memory SD card. Because the memory SD card is very small and light you can turn it into a very good and reliable boot drive. You can have Windows installed on your memory SD card or even Mac OS X.

Step 4

A lot of technicians use the SD card as a boot drive, they say that is very easy to use and because the card is so small they can carry it with them at all times. You can also install Linux on your memory SD card and you can use Linux as an alternative operating system for your phone. The USB adapter is good in this case to because you can boot your operating system on any computer.

Step 5

You can turn your memory SD card into a fashion accessory also. The SD card is very light and small but also very durable. You can make a necklace that will hold your memory SD card. You can carry the card always with you and keep it safe. You can also keep your card in your wallet or as a key chain.

By Bob Meadow, published at 02/21/2012
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