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How To Transfer Photos From An Sd Memory Card To a Computer

How To Transfer Photos From An Sd Memory Card To a Computer

Storage device is an important tool in any peripheral. Nowadays, storage device is used in camera, mobile phones and in camcorders. All the photos, videos and music are stored in the SD card memory. The full form of the SD card memory is Secure Digital card. SD card memory is available with different capacity ranging from 16 megabyte to 16 gigabyte. Huge stride is made in the capacity of the SD card memory. 2 terabyte of SD card memory is also available in the market at a very reasonable price. Transfer of data from SD card memory to computer or laptop is not only ease but very quick. It is very important that the right procedures must be followed. The few steps to transfer the photo or data are given below.

Step 1

Before staring transfer, it is important to point out that you need three important things SD card reader, USB cable and computer or laptop. Many laptops nowadays already come with a SD card memory reader built in them. In this case, you don’t need an additional device, but in case of a computer system you may need a card reader. You can achieve the transfer without the need of a reader, USB cable is enough for the data transfer, but to achieve this, device must be compatible with the computer.

Step 2

Now try to find an empty USB port in your system. Then connect the USB in such a way that both computer and camera is connected together at the same time. If this is not the case then try to remove the SD card memory from the original device and connect it to the reader and then connect the reader to the computer system with the help of the USB port.

Step 3

Smaller SD card memory needs an additional adapter which are found with the package without any additional cost. SD cards are easy to operate and you can carry them with you. SD cards are very efficient and they are also having an affordable price.

Step 4

If you are using Microsoft Windows, go to the “My Computer” you will find the device is already connected or will show a message that a new hardware device is detected in the system. Double clicking on the icon will solve the problem automatically, this is the magic of Microsoft Windows operating System.

Step 5

Double click on the icon of the drive you will get all the files which are presented in the SD card memory. Files such as photos, music files and videos are present there. You can either cut or copy the photo and transfer the file. This is like the simple cut, copy, paste method which is very common in all the operating system nowadays. Drag and Drop feature is also available for transferring of the data or the photo to your computer or laptop. Drag and Drop feature is like the copy paste method in which the files or photos are transferred to your computer system whereas using the explorer you can cut and paste the file also. This will free the memory of SD card memory.

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