How To Upgrade Memory To a 16 Gb
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How To Upgrade Memory To a 16 Gb

Published at 03/01/2012 15:36:43


How To Upgrade Memory To a 16 Gb

RAM is a rapid-pace memory workspace that a system uses not only to run programs but also to load different components of operating system. It also performs other computing responsibilities. So higer the memory gb of your RAM, faster your system performs.

Step 1

If you use programs which take a lot of memory gb of RAM, it will slow down your system and it will slow down your hard drive of your system too that makes difficult for your system to manage memory contents and to run programs properly. As if you are using sample RAM and it’s of great performance but in my opinion or I recommend always increasing your memory. You have a higher memory RAM your system performs excellent. Now a day’s 4GB Ram is a standard configuration but will go to 8GB or higher like 16GB memory to perform complex programs for higher speed sooner.

Step 2

Recently, Corsair announces 16GB DDR3 memory gb upgrades for apple users. As in the past Mac systems are traditionally been limited to the two memory slots that’s of only 8GB. But due to consumers demand it increases the capacity up to the kits of 16 GB of memory. These kits are tested at Apple Developer Compatibility Labs and work with mostly Mac Book, iMac and Mac mini systems.

Step 3

These are available from January 2012. These Apple Mac Book Pro 16 GB memory gb upgrades are available in different stores and upgrades are also available to buy online. There are different stores from where you get these upgrades at different prices. The 16GB RAM upgrade is friendly with all the Apple Mac Book pros that are up to 1333MHz DDR3, OWC offers kit that are of 12GB memory in my opinion 16gb memory is the best for Mac Book pro RAM as soon as possible go for it if you can afford it.

Step 4

OWC offers more configuration options for module memory upgrades. You get 4GB DDR3 memory gb module at $26.97; 8GB DDR3 memory upgrade kit at $63.99 or $49.99, 12GB DDR3 at $337.99 or at $323.99 after factory memory trade-in rebate offered by OWC. OWC 4GB and OWC 12GB is not available due to factory memory upgrade option. The 166GB OWC DDR3 1333MHz kit of memory upgrade is available at $599.99 or at $585.99 after factory memory trade-in rebate offered by OWC which replaces existing modules of 2GB of total memory of 16GB.

Step 5

OWC (other world computing) offers RAM upgrades up to 16GB with 75% savings for the new late 2011 Mac Book Pro models. By installing upgrades, the owners of new Mac Book Pro model can install maximum memory with savings up to 75 percent, compared to the options of factory upgrade. OWC offers free installation videos to make the memory gb installation an easy process.


How To Upgrade Memory To a 16 Gb

One thing is if you have Apple MacBook pro with 1067MHz speed memory you will install only 8GB of RAM if you want to install 16GB of RAM you must have the newest apple Mac Book Pro.


RAM is one of the most important component of any computer. The performance of entrire pc depends upon the capacity and speed of its RAM. So The best way to speed of your system is to increase its RAM's memory gb.