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How To Install a Memory Flash Card


Anyone would agree that the most radically changing sector in these recent times is technology. On the sector of computer, there has been a sure evolution of various components, flash memory card being one of them. Who would have ever thought that a device for storing data, music or even videos could be reduced to such a small size like that of a small chip? This is the flash memory card. You will appreciate the fact that you can take it around with you whenever you go. Now the main problem may come in when you want to install this flash memory card on your computer. It is not super hard to accomplish this provided you have the correct information. Below are the various steps you can consider looking at when you are installing your flash memory card.

Step 1

Of course the first thing you need to have is a computer and an internet connection. For the reason that this device will work only on a USB port, you need to then ensure your PC has either USB 2.0 port or that one of USB 1.1 port. But don’t worry if you computer has one of these ports available, flash memory card would work perfectly well with either of these two ports.

Step 2

Next step and most import one is to check what operating system you are using. This mainly becomes a determinant especially when your flash memory card requires you to download drivers in order for it to function properly. You also need to know that different flash memory cards require different drivers in respect to different operating systems.

Step 3

So when you know your operating system and the flash is in its place, you will be asked to log on into a certain website where you will download drivers for your flash memory card. Follow the guidelines and make sure the download has completed uninterrupted. After it is complete it is advisable you make sure all your running programs are shut down before taking any further step.

Step 4

The next thing is installing the drivers that you have just downloaded. This will certainly be a very simple task since a series of steps will be provided to you in order to follow. However it is good you first note a storage place in your pc where the installation files will be stored, though most operating systems will automatically store them in your computer’s hard drive C.

Step 5

Once installation is completed successfully you will note a dialog box that will appear on your display screen showing you can now use your flash memory card since it has successfully been installed. So you just click the tab indicated finish and exit the program.

Step 6

Now remove your flash memory card and insert it again into either of your computer’s USB. This will enable you to know whether your PC is able to detect it. If it shows on you computer then sigh relief as your flash memory card can now be used. If the flash memory card does not appear even though you went through the installation process correctly, don’t worry, just click on the tab indicated troubleshoot and proceed to correct the issues with the provided guidelines.


You want to enjoy the various features of the flash memory card? Those are the simple steps to install it in your PC or laptop.

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