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Great Advice For Camcorder Memory

Published at 03/04/2012 23:17:00


Traditionally, camcorder memory was DVD tape and hard drives as their main storage point. But recently, flash memory card has replaced camcorder memory storage point. Though these flash memory cards were in use before to store pictures, but now they are being used for the primary storage point for camcorders. This is because flash memory is smaller and lighter as compared to all the other forms of storage in camcorders. Besides this, you mostly do not need any device to connect your flash drive with your computer.

Step 1

The first thing that should be considered while deciding the type of camcorder memory that you would be using is to determine your budget and also your need. Obviously if you are a professional video maker or photographer then you would be going for the best thing on the market, but at the same time if you are buying memory for standard use then it is useless to spend extra money for the latest technology when a normal memory point can also do the job.

Step 2

The second step while choosing flash memory card as camcorder memory is to decide which type of card you would be using. There are two types of flash memory cards, Secure Digital (SD) and Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC). SD cards are only available up to storage of 4GB, where SDHC are available with a maximum of 2TB capacity. The higher the capacity, the higher will be the number of minutes and pictures the camcorder can store. But you also need to check the compatibility of your camcorder.

Step 3

Next advice is to look at the speed of your camcorder memory. By memory it means the amount of data that the memory can store at a time. This is important because if your memory card speed is not up to the mark then the camcorder will not record at all. If you are using a standard camcorder then a card with Class 2 speed will be enough, but if you are using a high definition camcorder then it is better that you get a Class 6 flash card.

Step 4

The next part is to find out how many pictures or minutes of video can you store on your camcorder memory. This largely depends of the resolution of pictures and videos that you are saving. The bigger the resolution, the lesser will be the space left for more pictures.

Step 5

Finally, if you are a huge fan of taking lots of pictures and don’t like to transfer them occasionally to your computer, then you can buy two or more flash memory cards for your camcorder memory. This will enable you to use one after the other and you can transfer all of the data when both of the cards are full. But a better option would be to buy a memory stick with a bigger capacity.


Keeping all of these things in mind, it is important to know which type of memory card you would need. It is clear that if you have a standard camcorder then it is useless to get a class 10 memory card. So the type of camcorder memory depends both, on the performance that you require and also the type of camcorder that you have.