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How To Install a Flash Memory Card


Technology is the most radically changing thing in this world. Every day, a new innovation keeps on being created and maintained making it better than the previous one. On the line of memory, various changes have evolved, up to the latest technology whereby, a storage device has been reduced to the size of a small chip, which can be carried around in your pocket. An example of this new technology device is a flash memory card.This new device can perform almost any kind of storage activity with it and is convenient, since you can move around with it enhancing portability of the files, folders and any documents stored in it. In order to use a flash memory card, you have to install it in your computer. A simple task that will consume less of your time. The only requirements that you need is a computer, a flash memory card and access to the internet then follow the following steps.

Step 1

A flash memory card works on a USB port, therefore, the first step will be to ensure that your computer has a USB2.0 port or a USB1.1 port, since the flash memory card can be used on either of the two mentioned ports.

Step 2

The next step is to check your operating system, since you will need to download a driver for the flash memory card depending on the type of your computer’s operating system. This is because different products of the flash memory card have different drivers for different kinds of operating systems.

Step 3

Log into the website of the respective flash memory card and download the respective drivers, in relation to the type of operating software you are using. After the download is complete shut down all the running programs in your computer before proceeding to installation of the drivers.

Step 4

Installation of the drivers will prove to be an easy task, since all you will have to do is follow a series of steps. First, locate a storage location in your computer where you will store the files for installation, usually the default is set to hard drive C. Then proceed to following the other laid out steps. Ensure that you mark the check box on the agreement of terms of terms of service otherwise, the drivers will not be installed. Once completed, a dialog box will appear signifying successful completion of the installation process. Click on the finish tab to exit.

Step 5

Now insert your flash memory card into one of the USB ports to check whether your computer detects the storage device. If it is detected, then your installation was successful and you can now start using the flash memory card. If the device does not appear, despite appropriate and correct driver installation, locate the troubleshooting page and proceed to fix the problem.


Your flash memory card is now fully installed and can now enjoy the features that it has on offer. Some of these features are high speed linkage between the computer and the device, data transferring capabilities and portability making the flash memory card an important gadget in storage of data.

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