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Great Advice For Memory in Computers


We all use computers on a daily basis. We need it for work, for entertainment, to get us to places and basically for some to even get up in the morning. So we process a lot of data everyday and each day the data processing keeps piling on. Eventually we see our computer getting slower in processing data. You see that it takes the computer longer to open a window, to start up, to load a page etc. This is because your system is running out of computers memory. Now what does that mean? We are not referring to the memory on your disk or the hard disk space, we are referring to the RAM memory. RAMs are usually just 1Gb-4Gb to max of 8Gb for standard computers. You’ll probably see some desktop users using 512kb of RAMs and probably are facing the same issue of slow computers memory.


Now over time after extensive use your computer uses and leaves behind some data in the RAM. Also when you keep upgrading the software and applications of the system, they require more and more space of the RAM to process their data. Now if you keep filling the memory with more data to process and not enough room then there is going to be some congestion. Hence people recommend you to upgrade your RAM and this is a very common and harmless advice. You can simply purchase computers memory from any computer accessory or hardware store. If you’re smart enough you could even open up your system and attach the RAM to the motherboard all by yourself.


Of course RAMs aren’t exactly cheap especially the ones that you want for high speed. And it can also be very confusing cause their so many types of RAMs, DDR3 DDR2 DDR PC2700, CL2.5 and so on. Then there the size concept 128mb, 512mb, 1Gb 4Gb 8Gb 16GB and so on. So before we jump to the decision on whether spend all that money on computers memory we should explore another alternate. Sometimes your computer gets too slow because your disk needs to be defragmented. Defragmenting is eliminating of the bits and chunks of data left behind when you’re done processing or storing data. Little packets are left behind in your hard disk and these packets could even be broken pieces of the existing files. So with all these fragments cluttering your disk a defragmenting tool can help free up space in your memory and make it faster again.

Tips and Comments

While you have an alternate solution the best advice you could get is to upgrade your computers memory. This is because, although defragmenting and cleaning your disk will free up space in your memory, it is only a short term solution. Upgrading your RAM or computer memory is much more economical and feasible in the long run. However, if you are on a strict budget and cannot afford this upgrade, you could avail the solutions of defragmentation and clearing your disk space. Delete everything that has not been used for a long while. Also, delete the photos or if they are big in size, resize them to make space.

By Amara, published at 03/03/2012
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