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What You Need To Know About Memory Computers


After consistent use of the system over time eventually your system starts to lack in speed and hence the time comes when you consider upgrading your memory. Now it is very important to understand what a computer memory is and why it is the one component that determines the performance of the system. It is not the sole component contributing to speed but one that can easily be replaced to improve it. There are two kinds of memory. Computers have memory that is temporary and the one that is permanent. The RAM is the temporary part of the system memory. Computers use this memory to process and store current data, like the processing needed to load a webpage, but once the system shuts down all of this data is deleted and gone leaving behind sometimes some fragments of broken bits or packets of data. The permanent memory is one when even after you’ve switched off your computer your data is still stored in the memory. These include ROM, flash and more.


Now the main thing one needs to realize is that over time the computer memory just like any other hardware gets outdated and needs to be replaced. When your hard disk which is considered to be the permanent storage area of data gets full, you need more space to store data. This is when you make the crucial decisions of either deleting some of your data or to move some of your data to an external source to free up memory. Computers today all have the option of using external hard drives. External hard drives are Portable HDs that simply connect to the computer through a data cable wire and can store data and save it away from the computer. It’s the best tool for making backups and storing extra data.


The second is when your RAM gets outdated. Every time you run an application, it takes space in the RAM to process it’s data. When you update the application, the newer versions need more space in the memory to process. Now imagine all your applications upgrading and taking in more space in your RAM and processing data. Your RAM has limited space to provide and hence when there is too much congestion in memory the computer’s performance gets very slow and this is the main reason why people upgrade memory .Computers don’t have a universal RAM. There’s RDRAM, DDR, SDRAM, DDR1, DDR2, PC2700, CL2.5 DDR3, etc. You just need to figure out which one your system uses which you could install by simply picking up your system manual.

Tips and comments

So this was a brief overview of the kind of memory that a computer uses and how we use them to process and store data. Of course there’s a lot more to memory. Computers should have the proper applications and software to manage their memory. Anti-virus software helps keep bugs and viruses out of the system memory. There can be memory leaks which is when programs take up space in RAM and never leave it even after the system is off.

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