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Can Movies Be Stored on An Sdhc Memory Card?


We are always coming across the SD card in all our gadgets these days. Smartphone, digital cameras, camcorders, mp3 players, additional slots for DVD players, car modulators and any other gadget that needs to store a few gigabytes of memory but have you ever wondered what the SD card is or what SD stands for? Well don’t worry, not many people do know. SD or Secure Digital is a non-volatile memory card format. The format was designed and manufactured by the Secure Digital Association and is today the most common form of memory cards available for any gadget. Now the SD card family comprises of several card types. There’s the SDHC, SDXC and the SDIO, mini SD and SDSC. What is really going to be talked about here is the SDHC card memory. The SDHC card memory is one of the leading memory card format in market today and is especially being used by smart phones and DSLR cameras for high capacity usage.


The Secure digital high capacity card or SDHC card memory was designed to hold large data for phones, cameras and even for transferring data. The card format supports up to 32 Giga bytes of capacity. Now even though the SDHC card looks exactly like the standard capacity card by secure digital (SDSC) in size and shape, there are a few differences between the two. The SDHC card is preformatted with the FLAT32 system. Meaning it doesn’t require constant reformatting by the computer. The SDHC cards are not exactly compatible with early versions of operating systems. For Windows XP and even SP1 Of Vista you need to install a patcher for the system to recognize it, even though the reader of SDHC card memory is the same as SDSC. It’s like you can insert DVD in a CD drive but it won’t read it.


Now comes the issue of what kind of data can a SDHC hold? Let’s first start by saying that SDHC card memories have non-volatile memory. Meaning they are like a USB flash drive, they can transfer and hold any kind of data as long they have the capacity including MOVIES. Now whether the input or where ever it is you are inserting the SDHC card memory will read the movie file is a completely different scenario. Usually SDHCs in smart phones can hold large video files like an episode of your favorite TV series and even read it. You can watch that episode on the tiny screen of your cell but if you insert the card in a TV it may not be able to read some file formats. TVs are usually programmed to view Divx or avi formats only hence an SDHC with a movie file of windows media format(WMV) may not be much use in a TV slot.

Tips and comments

SDHC don’t read data, they only store it. It is the gadget that reads them. It is sometime even possible to watch movies stored in SDHC of SLR cameras and view the movies on the SLR screen but the same Movie wouldn’t play on Portable DVD player (assuming the player has an SDHC reader). Hence yes SDHC card memory can store movie files for viewing and storage purposes but the viewing completely depends on the capabilities of the gadget that is reading the memory card.

By Amara, published at 03/08/2012
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