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How To Add Memory To a Camera


The camera is one of the most advanced inventions in the field of science and technology. With the aid of a camera, we can capture all those moments which we like to enjoy in the future. Cameras are indispensible to our life. Most of the popular cameras come with built in memory nowadays, in order to save the captured photos for the moment. But in the long term you will need camera memory in order to save the photos to a secondary storage, for future retrieval. Camera memory can of various types and hence, proper care must be taken while adding memory to a camera.

Step 1

When you decide to add camera memory to the camera you possess, you must see the technical details provided to you, by the camera manufacturing company. These technical details will allow you to find the exact camera memory type you need for your camera. Often, people make the mistake of not checking out on the details and hence, lose money in buying something which is not compatible with the camera. There are various forms of memory cards available for your camera. You need to compare them and then buy a memory card compatible with your camera.

Step 2

After you are aware of the camera memory type, you need to decide on the memory size that suits your needs. There are various sizes available in the market ranging from 2GB to 64GB. So you need to ask yourself, that how many photos are generally stored within the camera. If your camera allows video capture, you need to ask yourself, whether you use it more often or not. If you use video capturing option often then you need to go for big sized camera memory type, or else you can buy a 2GB or 4GB card which can store more than 500 photos in them at a time.

Step 3

Next, you need to search the internet for the various companies offering your camera memory type. You will find numerous companies. But, if you have used a particular memory card before, use your experience with that product in this case. If the experience was good go for it, or else you can choose from other brands. Remember that it is not necessary that a particular brand with cheapest rates will be bad, or the brand with highest rates will be good. It just depends on the manufacturing quality of the camera memory type.

Step 4

Choose from any online stores available. You will then receive the camera memory at your home. You can go ahead, unpack it, open the card extension slot and insert the memory card into this slot, based on the instructions given at the back of the camera manual. You can even go ahead and buy this memory from local computer and electronics shops.

Step 5

Try to read the manual of the memory card and visit the website of the camera memory manufacturer. This will give you the idea about the guarantee policy they offer.


If you go for branded memory cards then you can also get some warranty.

Before making any purchases try to research carefully. 

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