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How To Upgrade the Memory Dimm on a Computer


We all have different problems in our lives that are associated with the computer devices that are place in our house. The biggest problem that I often have to face is the dimm memory. I seriously hate that time when my computer reminds me again and again that you have low memory in your computer. However, there is no use of keep viewing that notification and doing nothing about it. Below are some of the ways with the help of which you can upgrade the dimm memory on a computer easily.

Step 1

Remove all unnecessary data in case of dimm memory

Take some time out approximately an hour from your daily routine to find all those files and folders in your computer that are useless for you. These are the files that are consuming a lot of memory in your computer and due to this reason; you are getting low memory notification again and again. If you will remove all these files from your system as soon as possible then you will not see this notification again. 90% of your problems can be solved by removing unnecessary data from your computer.

Step 2

Buy a flash drive to get rid of dimm memory

If there are some files or some quantity of data that you don’t use regularly then it is better to save all that data in a flash disk to make sure that you have enough free space in your hard drive. You can buy a flash drive for yourself keeping your requirements in mind. There are different varieties of flash drives ranging from 2GB to 64GB.

Step 3

Attach an external hard drive to fight with dimm memory

If you think that there is no extra data in your computer then either you can upgrade your internal hard drive to cope with dimm memory or you can attach an external hard drive with your computer. This will help you to save more data in your computer and you will not see the low memory notification again and again as well. In my view, this is the best thing that you can do to get rid of low memory notification.

Step 4

Backup your data and delete it from hard drive

If there is some important data on your hard drive but you don’t need it all the time then it would be better to make backup of data. You can upload that data online or you can make DVD’s of that data so that you can have access to it in future. In this way, you will end up making a lot of free space in your computer that will be helpful for you to save more necessary data in your computer.

Step 5

Clean internet browsing and cache history regularly in case of dimm memory

If you are a regular internet user then you must know that everything that you see online gets saved in your computer’s dimm memory. There is a special portion for these kinds of files that you will not be able to find manually. There are software programs with the help of which you can easily clean your internet history can computer cache to get more dimm memory.



By Ignat Victor, published at 03/14/2012
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