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How Do Add a Password To Access the Memory


Security in technology is a very crucial and important factor. From personal computers to the personal PDAs and laptops, all are secured in various forms, in order to prevent data loss or theft. When we buy a memory device like a hard disk drive or a SD memory card, we often ask ourselves the question that how we should provide security in such cases, to prevent unauthorized memory access. Numerous techniques exist in the world today, that we might not be well aware about. Thus, it can lead to security breach via unauthorized memory access and hence loss or theft of personal, private and even sensitive data.


Using encryption technologies for security: For preventing unauthorized memory access of various hard drive partitions in your computer, you can use the encryption tools. Most of the operating systems provide built in encryption tools. For example in Windows 7 and Vista you get the feature of Bit locker encryption. This helps in keeping your data encrypted so that unauthorized memory access can be prevented. Thus, data loss and theft can be avoided if we opt for the various tools related to encryption. Even third part encryption tools are also available.

Using software that ensures drive security from intrusions. Internet is the most useful as well as the harmful media in today’s world. Your computer can face unauthorized memory access when you enter into the internet. Hence, various security organizations have come up with software, which can not only save the computer but also the memory. Companies which produce firewall can also prevent disk access via HIPS (Host intrusion prevention system) and other advanced features like Sandbox. Thus, the use of such security software is always advisable.

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Password protecting drives and folder: Third party software exists in today’s market, which enables you to password protect your secondary memory from unauthorized memory access. Often, this software allows you to lock a drive, or a particular file or folder. Thus, this software can help you by preventing both data loss and data theft. But, before buying particular software you must keep it in mind that the company must be a reputed one. Such software is even not recommended in case of corporate giants, since it might have bugs, leading to huge data loss.

Using integrated software that comes along with disk drives: Often companies, which manufacture disk drives, they even provide security software for preventing unauthorized memory access. But the reliability of this software must be checked twice before applying them in business organizations. But in case of personal use, this kind of security software proves to be enough.


5. Quota management and administrative share: If your system is a part of the network then in order to prevent unauthorized memory access, you must disable administrative shares. If quota management is not necessary, then switch it off too. Try using the standard security software in such cases to prevent data loss, data theft and other security issues.Always protect your data by using password protection.Choose a password which includes both alphabet and digits.

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