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2 memory is the latest generation in the memory architecture which is being used by the different companies and operating system providers now a day’s. 2 memory is also called as the fastest memory solution available to man in this modern world with the rates of data transfer at about 20 Gbps. It provides double the peak speed ever provided by a DRAM alone in the past. This incredible speed and bandwidth provided by 2 memory is also quite energy efficient as it requires less power than other older DRAM memories. A recent study has shown that 2 memory uses 30% less energy at a equal bandwidth performance as compared to a DRAM. At a equal power consumption 2 memory provides with 50 % more efficient bandwidth than a DRAM and double the speed at full speed than other older devices.


2 memory has provided its user with a improved signal integrity and a low voltage swing than the older architectures which were commonly used. The signal strength is far more powerful and strong at such a high speed which was not thought possible in the past. 2 memory has made it possible by combining the different signals in combination of the state of the art technology which enables the 2 memory to give results at a level which is breakthrough of the modern technology with a few controls and pins as compared to a normal DRAM. 2 memory are commonly in use by the graphic developers , gaming arcades and new generation multi core processing units by providing the top of the quality speed, a bandwidth above everything available in the market today, all the power consumption and efficiency if compared to the older operating systems running on DRAM’s which was quite popular in the past decade.


The new core processors and graphic and game developers require a lot of power and speed which is not possible for a single-core processors which were traditionally used in the past, by providing the adequate bandwidth to the memory the only thing which limits the process of performance is the memory in use by the processors and this thing has proved to be the biggest challenge for next generation gaming and graphic developers and the new state of the art computers. This requirement has doubled in the past decade and 2 memory has efficiently provided the solution for this problem but it is estimated that over the next five years or so the multi-core computers and the gaming or graphics will push the memory requirement to 10 times it is used now a day’s and thus 2 memory is the building block of the future on which the technology of the future will be built.


A normal 2 memory architecture is using two things now which are popular in the making of most of the operating system makers all over the world, these are, micro threading technology which increases the data transfer efficiently and at the same times reduces the power consumption of the power at the same time increasing the speed of the data rate almost 10 folds than the previous systems.

By John, published at 03/16/2012
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