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How To Access More Memory For Your Computer


Computer is the best invention ever and is proved as the best companion of mankind. Computer helps you in every matter of life. Man has made it but it is much faster than a human brain and can do the task in minutes that is impossible for man to do. Computers are of different types like mini computers, super computers and hybrid computers etc. it is totally up to you what kind of computer you select. The best thing in computers is they can easily be updates later after according to the requirements of the user. The most important things that can reduce or increase the speed of computer are random access memory (RAM), processor and operating system.

Step 1

Random access memory plays an important role in the speed and high performance of any computer. Random access memory is different on different operating systems. If you are using 32 bit operating system you can upgrade the Random access memory maximum up to 4GB.

Step 2

But if you are using a 64 bit operating system you are free to use Random access memory of any size without limit. Normally you can upgrade you computer’s Random access memory up to 128GB. The more access memory you will use, the higher performance and speed you will be able to enjoy. Mega servers and networking companies normally use high size access memory that helps them to operate systems in a better way.

Step 3

Random access memory is basically used to store the temporary data and the work you are doing on computer. So this is natural the more access memory you will be using better results will be in front of you. Random access memory can be of different types like DRAM (dynamic random access memory) is commonly used in personal computers. This is a fact that the more GB you will install in your computer the better performance you will get.

Step 4

So the best way to access more memory for your computer is to upgrade Random access memory. You can upgrade the Ram according to you needs but you will have to keep in mind the operating system of your computer. 

Step 5

If you are using 32 bit operating system you have to install limited Random access memory but in case of 64 bit system you can upgrade the RAM up to your desired limits. Usually 64 bit operating systems are mostly used to get high performance results and also to play High Definition games.


You can easily add more access memory to your computer by consulting your computer operator. He will install the supported Random access memory to your computer which will enhance the performance of your personal computer.


Most of the servers use heavy and high size access memory as they are shared with lots of users so to use high performance access memory is their basic need. Web developers and other different professionals also needs high act access memory to give their best results. Soft wares like AutoCAD also uses increased access memory to open high size images.

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