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Installing a Dimm Memory Module in Your Desktop Computer


When your computer is slow and some applications don’t run at the expected parameters you might need a memory upgrade. Memory upgrades can be a quick fix for your computers lack of performance. Memory capacity affects your computers overall performance. If you have the latest CPU and graphic card and you don’t have enough memory your computer will still be slow. Applications are more demanding then before and installing a DIMM memory can help you keep up with these demands. If you want to upgrade your computers memory capacity you can go to a service and for a fee professionals will install the DIMM memory upgrade for you. But sending your computer to a service can be time and money consuming and you can save money by installing the DIMM memory upgrade yourself.


Before installing the memory upgrade you have to buy a compatible DIMM memory for your computer. The easiest way to know what type of memory you need for your computer is to check your motherboards manual. You will find in the manual all the compatible DIMM memory upgrades. After you purchased the right DIMM memory you can begin the installation.
For this you will need a tool like a screwdriver. Before the installation you have to unplug your computer and also remove all the cables that are connected to your computers case. After you removed all the cables you can move the computer case to a place where you have room to operate, a table is very good.
Use the screwdriver to remove the screws from the case so you can open it. After you opened the case you have to get rid off all the static electricity from your body. To do this you can simply touch the metal parts of your case, to do this keep your hands on the case for about 5 seconds.
Locate on the motherboard the memory slots. You can remove the previous installed DIMM memory or if you bought a compatible upgrade you can insert them together. Now you can insert the new DIMM memory into the slot, for this make sure that you align the DIMM memory correctly. Now all you have to do is slowly push the new DIMM memory into the slot. If the DIMM memory doesn’t enter the slot then you might have placed the DIMM memory incorrectly. Usually the DIMM memory will fit right in. The memory slots from the motherboard have some clips that will close when you push down the DIMM memory into the slot, when the clips are vertical then you inserted the DIMM memory correctly.


After you installed the upgrade you can close the computer case and screw back the screws. Plug all the cables back in.
Installing memory upgrades is very easy and you don’t have to be a computer genius to do it, you can save money by doing this yourself. 

Tips and Comments

If you encounter any type of problems and your computer doesn’t starts after the upgrade then you might want to contact a professional.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/15/2012
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Installing a Dimm Memory Module in Your Desktop Computer. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.