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Why the Memory Sdram Is Considered Obsolete


Synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM) is dynamic random access memory that is coordinated with the system bus. SDRAM responds as quickly as possible to changes in control inputs. Memory sdram ram is widely used in computers. This is an old type of access memory. there are many other upgraded access memories available in market. and these are much faster than the Memory sdram. Computers are usually used by everyone whether he is a company owner or a common man.

Every business corporation and company has lots of task to do with computers. So this is a natural phenomenon that everyone needs a high performance computer to complete tasks immediately and perfectly. So to get high performance computers some things should be kept in mind. There are three basic things on which the speed of computer is dependent. If you use the high GHZ processor you will be able to get the higher speed but higher and strong RAM will help the processor to work in a better way. Memory sdram was used in computers to increase the speed, but it is old now, no one uses Memory sdram because of their low speed.

This is a human psyche that if he is getting upgraded and best things, he will never use the old and slow things. So person using Pentium 4 processor will never use Memory sdram. He will go for DDR rams. DDR rams are much faster than Memory SD ram. All the new computers and latest Pentium 4 processors have perfect compatibility with DDR rams. There are different types of DDR rams. because with the passage of time more and more modifications occurs in this technology. DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3 rams ate using mostly in latest computers. DDR rams are preferred on Memory SD ram because they are better in performance. Output of the DDR rams and Memory SD ram is un-comparable as they have lots of prominent difference.

Memory chips of the DDR rams are much stronger and faster as compare to Memory SD ram. So this makes the DDR ram to give efficient performance and rapid response also. So this is also a reason why people prefer DDR rams. DDR rams has clock cycles and internal bank which are not present in Memory SD ram. DDR ram has chipset supports that also makes its performance much better as compare to Memory SD ram. DDR rams gain less voltage and this excellence is not present in Memory SD ram.


So the basic reasons due to which Memory SD ram is considered obsolete are they are slow in speed, they are older versions, they don't have faster response quality, chipsets are not available, they are not compatible with latest processors, they need high voltage to work and they are also old technology. All these reasons allow the computer lover to prefer DDR rams as compare to Memory SD ram. Memory SD ram are almost forgotten by computer professionals because the new technology is easily accessible.

By Eva Rosenberg, published at 03/18/2012
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Why the Memory Sdram Is Considered Obsolete. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.