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How Much Can a 1Gb Memory Flash Drive Hold?


Expensive drives that have memory of 1GB, 2GB, 8 GB and 16GB have only existed for a decade, but they have, nonetheless, totally changed the PC and data-management industry. There are only a few professions that do not need use data management and many professionals just can't do their jobs without the industry. This really is a good reason why the imprinted personalized memory stick became one of the present day most widely used and coolest advertising gifts.

Besides being so broadly used, personalized expensive drives make effective advertising gifts because they are compact in character. They are simple to transport, store as well as carry inside a pocket or purse for providing around the sporadically. Though shiny things cost greater than a personalized mug or pen, they have a tendency to bring along more advertising punch if this involves advertising gifts since they're practical and used so regularly.


Probably, the most frequently-requested questions by individuals who are planning on buying personalized expensive drives are memory/information storage. Just how much memory if you undertake when choosing your personalized memory stick? USB expensive drives include a variety of memory/storage. The products using the littlest quantity of memory can store as much as 128MB of files. After that, products could be bought in memory 1GB, two, four, eight, 16, 32 and 64GB. Memory 1GB and four GB memory stays would be the most generally-used and many frequently bought.

You can find expensive USB drives with more storage and memory 1GB; however, they aren't always offered at the local mall electronics store. Anything larger than 16GB is generally very costly they are able to cost $100 or even more) and tend to be only accessible in niche computer stores. The finer MB a thumb drive has, the greater the unit will definitely cost. It is important to remain in your advertising budget while still making certain that you will get an excellent device, is very important.


The very first consideration you need to make may be the type of people who definitely are receiving your marketing USB drive. The typical user most likely does not require a device with 16GB. However, if you are attempting to attract a particular market or kind of receiver, you will want to keep this in mind.

For instance, an application company wanting to utilize a personalized memory stick being a worker prospecting tool would most likely be thinking about a tool using more than 2GB of storage. Actually, it can't be extravagant for this type of customer to purchase a 16GB device compared to memory 1GB.

Listed here are a couple of good tips and details that also may help you choose the number of GB you needed to choose whenever you order a marketing USB stick:

A 512MB device holds about 320 average-length song files.

A 500-word.doc file occupies typically 25 to 28 MB of memory.

Picture and graphics files (like.JPEG and.Presen) tend to consider lots of memory unless of course they're thumbnail size.

If you are planning to keep entire software packages on the thumb drive you should look at a tool having a minimum of 8GB of space.

If you wish to download entire documents folders onto a thumb drive, you will probably require a device with a minimum of 8GB of space. Multiple folders may need a lot more storage.

Tips and comments

Personalized expensive drives don't cost around you may think. Professionals suggest that if you are selecting a thumb drive that's determined to become a marketing gift for average, adult clients, select one which has a minimum of memory 1GB of storage. Memory 1GB is generally sufficient for that average user. When you purchase something with less memory 1GB, you risk the receiver not making use of your gift since it does not store enough data. It's easier to spend a bit more on the device with greater capacity rather than discard cash on one which is cheaper but never will get used.

By Seth Evan, published at 03/19/2012
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