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5 Tips To Know About Pro Duo Memory


The new Sony Pro Duo memory stick may be the successor of these two original memories stays namely the Thumb Drive Duo and Professional. The 550d has got the capacity of storing as much as 32 GB of information. The Pro Duo memory works both original memory stays in each and every way by providing not just a bigger storage capacity but additionally faster moving speed.

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You will find a variety of formats available for sale so far as memory cards like Pro Duo memory. Getting understanding about these is crucial before you begin shopping or else you risk purchasing a memory which can be incompatible together with your PC, camera, or any other host device.

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SD Cards really are a highly secure stamp-sized camera memory, which weigh roughly two grams. Brands available consist of SanDisk, Kingston, Toshiba and Lexar. The SD Cards can be used in a number of digital products, including cellphones, handheld Computers (HPCs), digital camera models, digital music gamers, and eBooks. SD Cards have cryptographic to safeguard copyrighted data according to proven security concepts from DVD Audio.

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SDHC Cards offer elevated capabilities (4GB.32GB) and faster transfer speeds as high as 6MB per second (Class 6). These memory cards are mainly designed for use in digital video cameras and digital camera models. However, their large capacity does permit them to be utilized in lots of other products for further storage, like the new Asus PC along with other laptops.

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Its also suitable for all products that offer the Thumb Drive Professional. As the capabilities of one to two GB are often enough for many home customers, some customers may need more memory capacity. In 2008, the new Sony launched a 16GB version along with a bigger 32GB version was released in August 2009, which makes it the biggest capacity available as this time around of writing.

You should use the Pro Duo memory in downloading and uploading data like images, videos, music, document files to numerous electronic products like cameras, mobile phones, smartphones, inkjet printers, handheld gaming products such as the new Sony PSP along with other electronic products.


The unit safeguards your computer data from energy failure due to its fast transfer rate. it enables you to definitely support all of your important data immediately in a Pro Duo memory.

This small, yet effective device has produced a brand new idea of swapping data across different platforms, you are able to download a bit of music files on your PC after which transfer these to your Pro Duo memory utilizing a memory readers after which moving the files for your mobile phone permitting you to hear your preferred tracks while on the move. Pro Duo memory is a handy little bit of hardware that certain cannot do without.

By Seth Evan, published at 03/19/2012
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