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8 Tips For Digital Camera Memory

Published at 03/21/2012 20:58:17


Digital cameras have become very popular in the 21st century. It has provided people with convenience in photo taking and also provided ease in photo sharing. People will not have to develop photos first before being able to have other people see the picture. They also do not need to print or develop photos because digital cameras are already compatible with computers or laptops and can be stored easily in these high technology gadgets thus, saving more from having to buy photo papers or films.

The basic material that is very important in every digital camera is a digital camera memory card. It is the substitute of a film that was used in vintage cameras before. A digital camera memory card is used for storing all the pictures taken in a digital camera. Here are 8 tips that people should know in using a digital camera memory card.

Step 1

Tip No. 1 Do not use it to store other files

Some people use digital camera memory cards as USB flash disks because of its capacity to also store files aside from images. Exposing the memory card to other files would make it prone to viruses making it temporarily unusable unless people would reformat it. Reformatting would mean that all the files will be deleted, including those photos that were taken.

Step 2

Tip No. 2 Do not overuse the card’s capacity

If the digital camera memory card has an 8GB capacity, make sure not to use up all the 8GB. If the card’s capacity is always used up, there will be a higher chance that it will get corrupted and becomes unusable.

Step 3

Tip No. 3 Format memory card after photos are transferred in the computer

Formatting a memory card would require deleting all the photos so make sure that these files are transferred in the computer. Formatting a memory card would help in avoiding errors in digital cameras or it would also prevent files from being corrupted.

Step 4

Tip No. 4 Turn off your camera before removing the digital camera memory card

This will keep both the memory card and the digital camera from having problems especially in taking and saving pictures.

Step 5

Tip No. 5 Use high speed digital memory card for DSLR

There are some memory cards that have greater transfer rates which are helpful for burst shots or for shooting in video mode. These may be more expensive so use only depending on the type of camera being used.


Tip No. 6 Store digital camera memory cards properly

When cameras are not in use for a very long time, it detachable components such as memory cards and batteries should be taken off. This preserves the batteries and memory cards as well. Memory cards should be stored properly in its case to prevent it from being damaged.

Tip No. 7 Insert digital camera memory cards properly

Make sure to know how to insert a digital memory card properly. Usually instructions can be found in the camera’s manual. Improperly forcing in the memory card would cause damage to it.

Tip No. 8 Make sure to eject digital camera memory cards properly

In using either external or built in memory card reader, make sure to eject properly the memory card by prompting a command first in the computer. Usually, a “safely remove” command which can be clicked is recommended before pulling out the memory card. This prevents any errors or corruption on the memory card.



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