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4 Reasons To Pick Memory Pro Duo


Technology has made a huge advancement in its field with new gadgets being introduced every now and then. Some of these gadgets are upgraded ones from its previous versions, and some of them are completely new, with a new concept and new functionalities. But whichever type these gadgets are, they are latest from the previous ones, and top-of-the-line in accordance to present day requirement. A number of these gadgets that come in town every second day are devices for storing data or information. The devices have a mass memory feature, you can save loads of information, and they are highly compact in size as well as portable. Sometimes, users are required to save or transfer a large number of data from one system to another, and for that, a lot of storage devices have insufficient space and capacity. The memory pro duo, on the other hand, is one such device that takes lead from all previously released memory sticks providing users with all such features and options they look for in a portable memory device.

Memory Device A Brief

A memory card is basically a device that can easily be fitted into system port to add more internal memory to your desktop system. The device serves as a portable, external, removable gadget for the system itself. These devices can most commonly be used for a digital camera or PSP consoles, but it doesn’t mean it cannot be used for other technological devices. With a memory card device, users are provided with the convenience of storing different types of digital content. This content can be shared and exchanged with the widest of all possibilities and varieties of products.

A Glimpse From The Past Into The Future

In the year 2003, Sony, in collaboration with SanDisk launched their Memory Stick Pro. The device at that time was a really advanced one with features to prevent precious data from being loosed and allowed real-time high resolution recording. 2008 was a year of a new dimension when Sony again made a huge hit by releasing the memory pro duo. The device had added features and benefits that would blow anyone away.

A Reason To Buy Memory Pro Duo

If you compare the previously released memory devices, you will yourself conclude the memory pro duo is a much better option. Taking a look at the most wanted features in a memory device, there will no point in buying any other device other than the memory pro duo.

The recordable files types that can be stored in the memory pro duo may include computer data, music, images, software, photos and other moving images.

The memory pro duo has a very high transferring speed. This speed ranges up to 160 megabits per second.

The memory pro duo has a wide range of capacity when it comes to storage. The capacity reaches from 1 GB to 32 GB.

The gadget is much more thinner and smaller than the previously released memory devices. There is a multi-stack technology the gadget uses for achieving its compact design.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/21/2012
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