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What Is "duo Pro"" ""memory"?

Published at 03/22/2012 17:31:53


You will see the technological market flooded with top-of-the-line, latest and most innovative gadgets ever known to mankind. The gadget may be a new one, with out of this world features, or an upgraded version of a previous release in the market. These devices are developed daily to make them more attractive more people. Yet, at the same time, these devices make people’s life very easy and fun to live. The technological industry, whenever coming up with a new innovative, creative devices keep one factor, that makes them lead others, in mind which is, ‘The Next-generation’. As we move on, the world will become more advanced, and to cope with this advancement, companies have to come up with gadgets that represent the generations to come, and their ‘next-generation’ idea is present today. Sony, doing the same in every regard, have come up with the new duo pro memory stick. The duo pro memory is a next generation memory card with a unique blend of strength, power and reliability that hasn’t been seen in the previous versions. It is a highly unique and powerful data storehouse, the largest in line having the capacity to hold up to 32 GB information in it.

A New Successor

Previously, Sony released their memory stick duo and memory stick pro. The duo pro memory came in as a successor to both, superseding them in every way. Its unique combination of power, reliability and prevention from losing makes the device highly appealing and hard to resist. You will not only find the device a warehouse of storing data of all kinds, but the transferring speed has doubled as well, rather tripled. Whether you want to upload data, or download to it, there’s absolutely no limit to the format of the information you want to store in it. Be it software, photos, moving images, music, videos, movies, almost anything.

A Device With Added Benefits

The duo pro memory is a device with highly powerful features and options. Normally a device is limited to certain other gadgets when it comes to the stick’s usage. But you can use the device for many other purposes other than just a memory card. You can either use it with a digital camera, as a portable device for your system, a memory holder for your smartphone or cellphone for that matter, storing data from the printer, handheld gaming devices even PSP consoles.

Specifications Never Seen Before In Other Memory Devices

You may be surprised with all the features and specifications the duo pro memory has to offer to you. Like all other memory sticks, the duo pro memory has everything in them, only with a little more than you can imagine.

The device is compatible with all such gadgets supports a memory stick pro. The storage you get with this device is simply amazing, ranging from 128 MB to 32 GB. It also comes along with an adapter. This adapter enables the duo pro memory to be easily compatible and readable for a standard SD memory card reader.

The data transfer rate of the device ranges from 15 to 20 MB/sec. highly compact in size, the device is a great portable memory stick.