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Great Advice For Memory in a Camcorder

Published at 03/21/2012 18:50:51


A short while ago camcorders were reserved for an elite class of people. However, recent advances in technology have forced manufacturers to drastically lower prices. You can get a good camcorder for as low as 300 dollars. Until recently, storage on these devices has always been a problem. Hard drives and DVDs had been used as memory for these devices. Now, flash memory camcorders have replaced these obsolete storage methods. Flash memory camcorder has become very popular due to various factors. They are less bulky then DVDs and tape drives and offer more storage capacity with lesser space. Also the risk of losing data is minimal as they are not affected by shock or magnetic fields like their predecessors. Here is how you can get yourself a good flash memory camcorder and how to maintain it.


Know exactly what you need. A 300 dollar memory camcorder with a capacity of 8GB will be more than what you require for personal use. For a professional, you require better quality and also a larger storage space. Carefully evaluate your needs and go fora flash memory camcorder that suites you.

Determine the type of flash memory camcorder you would like. SD (Secure Digital) is a common type of flash memory butis limited to either a 2GB or 4GB capacity. On the other hand, SDHC(Secure Digital High Capacity) are of much higher memory capacity of up to 32GB. Normal flash memory camcorder will function well with a SD card but a high definition camcorder will require the higher capacity SDHC. Recently SDXC flash memory has been available. They offer a bandwidth of up to 300mbps and capacities of up to 2TB. Size will largely depend on picture resolution and image file types.


Read and write speeds vary for each flash memory camcorder. Having a flash memory camcorder recording at very high speeds with a low speed flash memory will definitely curtail its performance. It is therefore necessary that you match high speed flash camcorders with high speed flash memory. You could buy SDXC flash memory with blistering read and write speedsof upto 300mbps and not have to worry about speed or bandwidth for some years to come.

Incase you need to delete any data on you flash memory camcorder, connect to a computer and delete from the computer. Flash memory has alimit to the number of times you can read and write. Deleting many files at once instead of deleting one at a time will extend the life of your flash memory.

Occasionally format your flash memory camcorder. They use FAT file systems which constantly need defragmentation. Formatting will automatically defragment memory and enhance data transfer speeds. It is critical that you format your flash memory inside the camcorder you intend to use it with. Formatting on different devices may cause compatibility issues.

Tips and comments

Have a spare memory card to back up your data. You could also backup data on a computer. This will keep you prepared for any eventuality. Flash memory camcorders are not entirely invincible; they could easily damaged by water or inappropriate handling.