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Every other child these days has a Psp in his hand. Psp stands for PlayStation portable. It is a game console that was launched by the famous company Sony Corporation. It is a very handy device that is very portable, user friendly and full of numerous features. It uses an optimal disc format and this is the only gaming console that has this feature. It has a large display screen so that the graphics of the games can be viewed in a better and clearer way. Another feature that distinguishes this console from the rest is that it can also be connected to the internet. It is a great source of entertainment for the young generation and most of them spend most of their time playing games on it. Another important part of this console is its memory that is known as the Psp memory. This article will include all the relevant details regarding Psp memory.


The same company had launched a simple PlayStation a few years ago but due to the advances in technology they came up with this amazing gaming console. Psp was launched on March 24, 2005 in North America and on December 12, 2004 in Japan. When Psp was launched for the first time, it was a totally different concept and no one had seen such a gaming console before. This is the reason why it broke all the sales records of Sony as well as the rest of the companies that deal in such products. One of the places where it was sold the most was United Kingdom (UK). People were quite fascinated by this technology and the features that the Psp possessed. A better version of Psp that was slimmer and lighter than the previous one was launched September, 2007. Psp memory is an important part of Psp as it helps store different things.


Psp memory is as amazing as the console itself. It can store a lot of games, videos and pictures at the same time. It does not cause you any kind of inconvenience as well. All you need to do is connect the console with the computer, or any other device where the data is already stored, and transfer it to the Psp. There are countless features of this memory. It is also easily removable and causes no hassle to the user. The only thing that bothers the consumers is the price of its memory stick. Most of the people complain that Sony is charging a very high price for this memory stick but they also need to realize that what they are getting in return is worth it. It consists of a 2GB memory and it goes on to 16GB as well.

Tips and comments

Psp is an amazing console for children that can entertain them in every way. Psp memory might be quite expensive as compared to other memory sticks but it serves the consumer in a way that it is worth it. The performance of a Psp memory is fantastic. So instead of finding ways to degrade it, one should value the features that it has and go for it.

By Sidra Rana, published at 03/19/2012
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